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What should you check before buying an old house?

Do you plan to buy a beautiful old house? Often considered the project of a lifetime, this purchase is a significant investment. It is therefore advisable to be as precise and conscientious as possible when choosing your future home, especially if it is old. Real estate brokers present all the checks to be carried out before buying an old house

Buying an old house: calculate the total price of the investment

A real estate investment is a commitment that is sometimes part of an entire life project. In addition to the purchase price, there are many other costs, such as notary fees and the commission recovered by the real estate agency. These costs must be taken into consideration, otherwise the total cost of the operation will be underestimated. In addition, notary fees are higher for a purchase in the old. The notary will inform you of the amount of his fees, which include registration fees. Real estate agents at Orson Hill Realty will help you search for your new home as new homes for sale are available.

We also advise you to visit the garden, the cellar in the basement and the attic. Going to the attic will allow you to take a look at the condition of the frame, in particular to check if there are leaks or pests (presence of termites for example). If you notice that the house is damp, this is not a good omen and is sometimes a sign of poor ventilation. Too much humidity in a house can lead to the appearance of mold over time. Choosing an old house also means choosing its environment. In general, a calm and quality environment is very rewarding for the coveted property.

Learn about the energy performance diagnosis (EPD)

Buying real estate (buying a house like buying an apartment) cannot be improvised. Thus, you must in particular be able to read the Energy Performance Diagnosis. Valid for 10 years, it is preferable to have a recent DPE, taking into account all the elements of the building, in particular the living area. Knowing that the law is changing very quickly in terms of ECD.

Thanks to the PLU, you will also have important information on the position of the plot within its environment (urban, agricultural, forest and natural areas, residential space). This applies as much to a village house as to a town house. In all cases, town planning rules are of crucial importance.

If you are interested in a house that in principle has land to build on, you still need to make sure that you can freely develop on this land. Indeed, there are many people wishing to create an extension of their house (a double garage for example) or who are considering the construction of a small house on their building land.

Make sure there are no administrative defects

In addition to verifying that the house of your dreams is free from hidden defects, we advise you to verify the absence of administrative defects. This will be the case, for example, of a former owner who had a veranda built without prior declaration or building permit. In practice, get closer to your town hall, before signing the sales agreement. This will allow you to check that the work carried out is indeed compliant and that it has been declared.

If you realize that the work has been carried out without prior agreement, you could have the sale canceled based on “deceitful reluctance”. In this case, the seller remains liable for his actions and may be ordered to pay damages. Indeed, the fact that a seller has deliberately omitted to inform the buyer about decisive elements in the decision-making reveals a desire to deceive. It is therefore not a question of simple negligence. The aggrieved buyer can then request the cancellation of the deed of sale.

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