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How To Clean Foosball Table?

A foosball table is one of the most affordable sports nowadays, and you can buy foosball table online in USA from the top-rated stores. It’s also a reason for its popularity. It’s also a family game, and most people have foosball tables at home for enjoyment. When you invest a handsome amount to buy a foosball table, it’s also necessary to take care of it. If you don’t maintain and clean the table, it will not give you long-lasting performance. 

Clearing the foosball table and its accessories is important and requires a little effort. However, there are a few things you must take care of while cleaning. Use a neutral dishwasher soap, and do not scrub hard. This guide is all about cleaning the foosball table and everything you need to know about it. Let’s begin!

Steps To Clean Foosball Table

If you are planning to clean the foosball table, check out the simple steps below:

Step 1: Use Compressed Air

Air is a good way to clean the extra dust from the table. Use compressed air and start blowing every part. It removes the dust particles and also ensures the longer lifespan of the foosball. Using a cloth is a good way, but you can’t clean the tight areas; therefore, compressed air works well. Sometimes the food and drinks spill on the foosball table, but compressed air helps keep the appearance maintained. 

Step 2: Use Dry Cloth

It’s the next step, pick up a dry cloth and start cleaning the whole table. Don’t hassle because professionals recommend cleaning it slowly. Don’t use chemicals because they may ruin the color of the table. This method helps you clean the debris and spills on the borders. 

If you still see some parts are not cleaned properly, we will tell you the procedure in the coming steps. According to our experience, you should also clean the bottom part of the table and legs. 

Step 3: Use Alcohol

You still don’t need to use any chemicals, but isopropyl alcohol is a good way. Make a solution of 70% or 80% using the isopropyl alcohol and get the best cleaning results. At this point, you are again using a cloth to clean the table. It not only removes the debris but also disinfects it. 

Don’t worry about the bad odor because isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly. If you are a beginner, use it in a low proportion so that it does not leave any smell. The black marks on the table are due to the ball. Scrub them a bit to remove them and do not harm the rods and table surface. 

Step 4: Use Silicone For Rods

This is the last step, and you have to use silicone to clean the rods. Why do we recommend using silicone? Silicone is a unique compound that provides maximum cleaning, lubrication, and increases the life of the rods. Don’t buy the cheaper quality silicone; otherwise, it will ruin the table. Usually, we don’t recommend using WD-40 for rods because it is strong and can ruin the quality. 

Important Tips For Foosball Table Maintenance

If you don’t like cleaning too much, it’s better to maintain the foosball table. Check out the important tips below for foosball table maintenance. 

Keep The Are Dry & Cool

Don’t keep the table in front of the window; otherwise, it will collect dust and debris. Also, the UV rays cause internal damage and fading of the surfaces. 

Moving Table

If you have bought a moving table, don’t drag it directly on the floor. Take help from a person and move it around by lifting it. It helps protect both the table and floor. 


It’s an optional point you can consider. Make sure the table and rods are aligned properly, and it will give you better gameplay. 

No Food & Drink

If you want to eat while playing, don’t keep the items on the table. Use another table or area, reducing the chances of spilling. 


In conclusion, it’s necessary to clean and maintain the foosball table. Cleaning ensures a longer lifespan and long-lasting performance. We hope you will find the method and tips helpful. Follow the tips and enjoy playing foosball.

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