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How to Convince an Addict to Enter A Rehab Center

When someone is caught in the web of addiction, it can seem impossible to get them out. Mental ambition is often at an all-time low, and substance abuse only makes finding the inner strength to get help even more challenging. There may also be underlying limiting beliefs that make seeking help feel pointless. 

Whatever is holding someone back from getting treatment, understand that your persistence to keep trying, keep reaching out, and to advocate for treatment is not going to waste. It often takes a little push from our loved ones to get the help we need. Only then can we begin to cultivate genuine desire to change and get well. 

While there is no secret formula to convincing an addict to pursue drug addiction treatment, there are things that can be said to reach them. Remember, nothing changes until something changes. You can be that starting point for their recovery. Here are some ideas on how to encourage the addict in your life to get help.


Voice That You’re On Their Side

With addiction often come shame and feelings of unworthiness by the individual suffering from the disease. Although you may need to involve tough love at some point, when you first begin discussing the idea of getting an addict help via drug addiction treatment centers, be nonjudgmental towards them and voice in one way or another that you are on their side. Tell them how much you love them and want the best for them.

Discuss Positives Of Drug Addiction Treatment

It’s a fair assumption to assume that most addicts know the recovery process is intense. Many have likely experienced at least the start of withdrawal in between using. Addiction or not, convincing someone to endure immense pain, even for a short period, is difficult to do.

Try to focus on the positives of recovery so the addict you care for can find some light in the process. You might discuss some of the more luxurious amenities offered at drug addiction treatment centers. 

Visit Centers With Them

Visit drug addiction treatment centers with the addict you care for and work together to select a program. Ask them their opinions on different centers and listen to what they have to say. By visiting different facilities with them, you show them how much you’re willing to offer support. Providing a sense of companionship will help them feel stronger and less alone. 

Indicate Positive Outcomes

Remind the addict in your life of the positive outcomes of seeking drug addiction treatment. Explain that after enduring the withdrawal process and adjusting to the lifestyle changes, they will arrive as a much healthier individual. Having a light at the end of the tunnel is necessary for achieving recovery and completing a program successfully. 

Help Them Get The Help They Need

You can’t force someone to get help, but you can be the driving force that persuades them to do it. Don’t give up on your loved ones; help them get the help they need. 

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