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How to keep your hair healthy and shiny

How to keep your hair healthy and shiny! Most people know how to take care of their hair when it’s wet, but what about the other two-thirds of the day? In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on how to keep your hair healthy and shiny all day long. 

1. Saturate dry ends with oil 

It may seem counterintuitive, but drying out your strands is one of the most common causes of fizziness in both curly and straight locks. The best way to combat this is by adding a little bit of moisture back into the ends after they’ve been dried out from products like hairspray or gel. Massage coconut oil through your scalp then work it down to the ends of your hair. Be sure not to use too much or it could weigh down your style. Leaving in conditioner works well, too, and it’s less greasy than oil!

2. Curl dry hair 

If you’re looking for waves that last all day long, this is one trick you shouldn’t miss. Curl your hair as usual, but instead of allowing it to dry in its naturally curly state, let your locks cool completely before touching them. If you don’t, they might lose their shape after 25 minutes or so.

3. Don’t brush when wet 

And never ever use a paddle brush on wet hair! It is the worst thing you can do to your hair. Wet hair is weaker and more prone to breakage, which can lead to frizz and all kinds of other problems.

4. Shampoo less frequently 

Do you really need that clarifying shampoo every other day? If not, try cutting down on how often you shampoo – it’s very hard for your scalp to produce an adequate amount of sebum when it’s constantly being stripped.

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In general, you should only need to shampoo once every three days max.

5. Let hair cool off before styling 

The best way to kill frizz is by allowing your hair to dry at least 80% before touching it. If you want a sleek finish, you can blow dry your hair on low heat for a couple of minutes, but if you want to do gentle curls or waves, let your hair cool off before touching it.

6. Don’t brush from the roots 

Just don’t! By brushing your hair from the scalp down to the ends, you’re creating more tension near the roots, which will eventually lead to damaged hair. Instead, brush your locks in the opposite direction, gently pulling down on tangles as you go.

7. Don’t wash every day

If you’re washing your hair every day or even every other day, you could be causing more harm than good. The best way to keep your tresses healthy is by limiting how often you wash them to three days max!

8. Use conditioner on your scalp 

This might seem counterintuitive, but if you use conditioner all over your strands and rinse it out completely, there will be none left for the ends of your hair. To get the most benefit from a leave-in product, apply it to your scalp and comb it through with a wide tooth comb, then work it over the ends.

9. Run a cold water rinse 

After you’ve shampooed and conditioned, use a simple rinse of ice-cold water to seal the cuticles on your hair. If you have especially dry or damaged locks, try steaming them first.

10. Don’t brush when dry 

You’ll thank us later! If you’ve ever heard that it’s best to brush your hair 100 strokes every night, just know that this is a myth! Brushing your hair will only lead to breakage and split ends (the last thing anyone wants!) When it comes to styling, always use a wide tooth comb instead of a brush.

11. Only cut damaged ends 

This is one rule you shouldn’t break! Damaged hair is very fragile, so if you keep cutting off healthy lengths, your tresses will be left with uneven ends. If you want to hide the damage, try light layering or an Ombre.

Seek help if needed

If you have very damaged or coarse hair, you might need to seek the help of a professional dermatologist. You can check  to find a Dermatologist in Karachi

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