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Is PRP Hair Growth Permanent?

Treating hair loss has been a difficult task for people. Excessive hair fall can lead to baldness, which can be depressing for many people. A hair loss cure is essential as people need to fix their appearance. Grooming oneself can occasionally be important due to professional requirements.  Even people in a third world country search for PRP hair treatment in Karachi, Pakistan.

There are several up-to-date hair treatments these days that are effective and produce long-term results. Other than hair transplants, PRP therapy for hair loss is widely used nowadays.

PRP treatment for hair loss is a beneficial treatment with a wonderful success rate. In this article, you will find all the details regarding the procedure, including is PRP hair growth permanent.


How is PRP therapy for hair loss defined?

PRP is the abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma. The procedure mainly relies on the platelet-rich plasma serum obtained from your blood.

This is a quick technique. When you visit the clinic to receive the treatment, your blood will be drawn, and processed to separate its entities. Then the platelet-rich plasma will be collected to be injected into your scalp in the afflicted areas.

Your doctor might numb the treatment area to lessen the pain and discomfort for you during and after the treatment.

You will be allowed to go home as soon as the treatment is over. It is an outpatient treatment.

It is a favorable treatment for those who wish to restore hair naturally and safely.

How effective is the PRP hair treatment?

The platelet-rich plasma has natural growth factors that help in the development of hair and strengthens the hair follicles.

PRP treatment for hair loss is a highly productive treatment. The amount of platelets present in your blood determines the effectiveness of the treatment.

PRP treatment doesn’t grow hair, but it helps to make inactive hair follicles vigorous, which, as a result, grow healthy hair.

Moreover, the efficacy of the treatment also depends on the severity of your hair loss. This implies that more than one session could be required to attain the desired hairline. After the first treatment, follow-up sessions will be given one month apart.

70%-90% is the PRP hair treatment success rate. PRP treatment predominantly receives positive reviews in terms of outcomes.

Furthermore, to fuel up hair growth, PRP injections are observed in conjunction with pills that help in hair growth.

How comfortable is the PRP treatment for hair loss?

PRP treatment is a comfortable procedure. When you visit the doctor for a consultation, he will examine your scalp for infection and check your medical history. So that he can decide if you are the right candidate for the procedure. Sometimes a blood sample is taken to check if the amount of platelets is adequate for the procedure.

On the procedure day, a blood sample will be taken and the platelets from it will be injected into your scalp. To decrease discomfort, syringes with thin needles are used during the procedure.

Furthermore, the chances of side effects are also lower as the platelets are taken from the patient’s body. The equipment used is sterilized. However, minor inflammation or infection might occur for some people due to the injections.

Is PRP hair growth permanent and long-lasting?

PRP treatment for hair loss is not a permanent but durable hair loss solution. You can prolong the results by getting touch-ups now and then. After the initial sessions, you can receive yearly sessions to preserve your ideal look.

It is the individual needs that specify the number of sessions. Therefore, consulting your doctor is mandatory to decide the total number of sessions. Besides, PRP for hair loss before and after the treatment also differs for every individual. This includes the recovery, side effects, and even the hair growth speed that varies.  Regardless, the PRP treatment of hair loss is a promising hair restoration technique that can be acquired to refurbish the receding hairline.  

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