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SEO for YouTube: How to Increase Your Channel’s Visibility

SEO for YouTube is a key strategy to leverage your internet business. If you have a channel, be aware that just feeding it quality content, although it is very important, is not enough to increase the visibility of your videos, sometimes you need to go off route and sometimes need to buy YouTube comments, views, and even subscribers.

However, this is also a possibility but a bit lengthy process with SEO optimization techniques for YouTube. So, if you want to improve the placement of your channel, but don’t know how to do it, this post is for you. Follow up!


What is SEO for YouTube?

SEO for YouTube is a set of search engine optimization techniques. The objective of these techniques is to improve the positioning of videos in searches within the platform. After all, many users currently use YouTube to conduct internet searches. It is estimated that more than 3 billion searches are done every month.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It is second only to Google, of course. Despite being in the second position, the video platform already receives more visits than Google itself. According to Semrush, in 2015 YouTube received 15.7 trillion visitors, while Google received 14.9 trillion.

Created in 2005, YouTube is a social network that has become a phenomenon. The platform has more than 2 billion monthly hits and is widely used by brands, companies, artists, and content producers from different segments.

However, in order for users to easily find the videos they are looking for, the platform created an algorithm to rank the best videos according to the search.

Thus, channels that want to have more visibility, need to use optimization strategies to appear in the top positions of the search. In other words, they need to do SEO for YouTube.

How to do SEO for YouTube

First, it’s worth remembering that YouTube’s algorithm logic is the same as Google’s. This algorithm uses a deep learning system, based on artificial intelligence, to analyze a large volume of data and identify the best content suggestions for the user.

For that, the system takes into account several criteria of programming, design, production of relevant content, relationship with other sites, among other things. In this way, it manages to improve the user experience, which is its main objective.

In addition, SEO optimizations for YouTube are useful for searches on the social network and also in the dispute for space in Google’s searches.

SEO Tips for YouTube 

There is no formula for doing the optimizations for YouTube. This is because the algorithm is complex and considers numerous rules and calculations to define ranking. But the more SEO tactics you use for YouTube, the more likely your channel is to appear in the top positions.

Below, check out some SEO optimization tips for YouTube so that the audience finds you on the first pages of search.

1. First, search for keywords

The use of keywords is indispensable on YouTube.

Through them, the platform identifies the theme of the video, indexes the content, and associates it with users’ searches. Therefore, you must insert them in the title, in the tags, and in the description. But it’s important to choose the words that match your videos and be able to attract more subscribers to the channel.

Another step in keyword research is benchmarking. Visit the channels that are a reference in your segment. If they have a high number of views, they certainly use good SEO practices for YouTube and know how to use keywords correctly.

See what terms they applied to the most popular videos. For that, classify the videos and select the most popular ones. 

2. Your video title needs to be good. Make a good choice!

Now that you have some good keywords, it’s time to create your video title. And for YouTube to index and rank the content, the chosen term must be in the title.

To occupy the top spots in searches, it is ideal to use the exact match of the keyword in the video title. Also use shorter and more objective titles, with a maximum of 100 characters. In addition, it is still necessary that the title is as close as possible to what the user is looking for. 

3. Be sure to insert tags (markers) for videos

Tags are also part of SEO optimization for YouTube as they help in ranking the video. They also serve to recommend related videos. They are also an important source of traffic for your videos.

When filling in this field, use 120 characters. Use 6 to 8 words so as not to confuse the algorithm with terms far removed from its content.

4. Try writing smart descriptions

After uploading the video, you need to fill in the field that describes it. Write descriptive text with information about the approach to the video. The description can be more extensive and detailed, with up to 5000 characters.

It is worth noting that the description counts a lot for ranking. First, it has the power to attract the user and convince them to watch the video.

As the initial snippet present in the description is displayed in search results, the description must be attractive to increase engagement. The tip is to keep the main information at the beginning of the text.

Don’t forget to include keywords that translate the video’s themes. This technique is useful in identifying content by the algorithm.

It is still possible to enter calls to action (CTAs). You can, for example, invite the user to subscribe to the channel or download some material from your website.

Finally, there is also the option of inserting hashtags in the texts, generating links that help users find other videos about that term. But be careful not to overdo it. Do not use more than 15 hashtags or YouTube will ignore them.

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