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Advantages Of Using Drake Tax Software Hosting

There is a lot of tax preparation and filing software available in the global market today that organizations can decide from. When an organization elects tax preparation software, it should always examine the key factors that would assist and promote the overall business process and in turn, boost the productivity of the organizational workflow. Organizations should opt-in for the software depending on the scope of the overall business, the unique functionality provided by each software, the availability of consumer support, and the set budget for the software.

With Drake being a popular choice for taxation-related processes around the globe, most organizations, Chartered Accountants, financial professionals fancy using it on the cloud through Hosted Drake Software Providers as it adds a lot of features that help boost the overall workflow. Below mentioned are some of the advantages of using Drake Tax Software Hosting.

Better Flexibility in Accessing The Data

As Drake is hosted on the cloud servers, users get remote access to all the data and software. The users can access the platform through a web-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet and an active internet connection to access the data and carry out their work. There is no limit on the number of users that can access the platform at once. This helps improve the overall collaboration and supports tax professionals and CPAs to coordinate better.

Improved Collaboration 

With Drake Hosting, the users of the business do not need to be available in their work environment as they get a feature known as remote access. As the tax filing process requires various users, collaboration is a must to carry out the process efficiently. Drake Tax Software collaborates with business applications and tools like Office 365 bundle or the Office 365 business essentials tools such as Microsoft Teams that would enable the team members to work remotely through the cloud platform provided by hosting providers and modify and share all the information from anywhere on the globe at any given time. One of the most used features is the real-time information sharing feature that lets users share the latest information amongst each other assisting the tax professionals to reduce time-to-market and improve service efficiency. Furthermore, businesses can host Drake on Cloud Windows Desktop along with other business-related applications and enjoy remote access across all the supported applications.

Improved Safety and Security

Hosted Drake is protected with top-notch security features like multi-layered firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware systems that are developed to handle any incoming complex threats efficiently. Measures like 2FA, Multi-Factor Authentication, intrusion alert, and prevention system, regular automated backups, encryption, and other intelligent systems ensure security. A business can also remotely format all the confidential data in case of loss or theft of a device that has live access to the server. There are replicated backups performed and stored in multiple locations to ensure business continuity even in case of a power grid failure. This ensures that there is no data loss or even in case of data thefts, the data always remains safe.

As you see these were the advantages of utilizing Drake Tax software hosting as it provides great security and features like remote access to the businesses that promote the growth of the overall business. Apps4Rent provides migration processes like Office 365 Tenant Migration with great end-user support and data safety.

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