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How to Know You Need Physiotherapy?Note the Major Signs

Some pains can only be cured via physiotherapy! Though it works as an alternative to medications, yet some major signs loudly scream, that it needs physiotherapist’s attention.

For instance, if you recently sustained an injury or you’re not sure whether you need to seek medical attention or not, here, physiotherapy can help! Let’s take a look into the major signs you need physiotherapy treatment;


1. Your Body is Not in Balance

Our body loses balance due to problems within the structure inside the human ear – an essential part of the human body’s balance system known as the vestibular system. Any conditions or issues affecting the inner ear can cause symptoms like;vertigo, dizziness, vertigo, and balance disturbance which can be difficult for survival Psychologist Oakville

This problem can be treated with a physiotherapy treatment called vestibular rehabilitation. This treatment can be used both as an alternative to surgery and in addition to surgery for inner ear conditions.

After listening to your problem and assessing your specific needs, a physiotherapist will recommend exercises for the head, neck, and eye exercises to help retrain your central nervous system to compensate for inner ear problems.

2. You Get Pain at Your Desk

Working at your desk all day and feeling consistent pain in your neck and shoulder; this has become a norm for every working individual today. Our bodies crave movement, and staying in one posture for extended hourscan lead to straining of joints or muscles, thus causing pain.

The quick, helpful tip here would be to take short breaks from your desk, so you can stretch your legs and move your body. However, to get rid of desk pain,one must consult a reliable, experienced, and reputable physiologist for diagnosis and solution.

3. You Experience Constant Pain

In conditions like injury and sprained ankle, it takes a long time for the pain to heal, as it overcomes with the time. But sometimes, the pain doesn’t settle with time and becomes chronic. This usually happens with lower back and neck pain which can be attributed to many factors.

Effective physiotherapy or an acupuncture Edmonton can surely work in healing tissues. However, the specialized physiotherapist will help you with targeted exercises and rehabilitation programs to ease your suffering and return you to your daily routine.

The pain treatments often include;

  • Pain education
  • Massage
  • Manipulation
  • Exercises

These things help supporting damaged body parts and prevent any further injuries to happen in future.Boost Physiotherapy is a top recommendation if you’re looking for the best physiotherapy Edmonton.

4. You’re Not Able to Move your Body Like Before

If you ever feel that you can’t move your body as easily as before, or you’re not flexible anymore, then beware!This can be an alarming sign your body needs some recommended stretch and exercises.

Physiotherapists will look into the problem and practice various exercises on your body to relax the muscle and strengthen the supporting tissues. This will slowly increase your body’s flexibility.

5. Getting Uncontrollable Urinate

Almost everyone is suffering from Urinary incontinence (the uncontrolled passing of urine) today. It is getting more common in women with growing age than in men. No worries, doesn’t mean this problem is not curable.

Urinary incontinence is of two types;

  •  Stress incontinence – This happens when your bladder is under pressure, probably when you cough or sneeze.
  • Urge incontinence– This condition is when urine leaks as you feel a sudden, intense urge to pass urine or soon afterward. Many people suffer from a combination of both.

Here, a few pelvic floor exercises can improve your condition, especially for those going through stress incontinence. If you suffer from urge incontinence, you may need a catheter such as a Men’s Liberty external catheter or another incontinence product. 

What are the Conditions of Physiotherapy?

There are many common physiotherapy conditions. Many people suffer from chronic pain, but physiotherapy can treat these conditions and improve your quality of life.

For instance, physical therapy can help you overcome a balance problem caused by problems with your inner ear. Physiotherapy enables you to address the root cause of the pain and reduce your chance of experiencing a flare-up.

How Can Physiotherapy Help Treating Major Signs?

The Edmonton therapists Physiotherapists use advanced technology to evaluate patients’ needs. They use computer-aided assessment to create customized programs based on each person’s specific needs and goals.

Some use sensors to monitor movement patterns with the VI Move device, while others use real-time ultrasound technology to see muscles beneath the skin’s surface. By understanding your goals, your physiotherapist can help you achieve them.

The first session of therapy typically involves an extensive assessment. This includes questions regarding how long you’ve been suffering from your condition, the level of pain you’re experiencing, and the frequency of pain you feel daily.

In short, physiotherapy has proven to be an effective solution for many patients either willing to get their mobility back, to relieve neck & shoulder pain, or experience any sports or vehicle injury.

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