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How to TakeCare of Your Skin at the Age of Thirty?

I like you to know that getting old is an advantage and a cause for pride, not the other way around because your advanced age means that you lived longer days and gained more experiences in various fields and that you matured in different ways and in the end everyone is getting older! And I am sure that most women do not agree with me on this point. But we all agree that we want skin that is free from wrinkles, sagging, and spots, no matter how old we are. The important thing is that we can get that if we give the skin the necessary attention.


1. Protect your skin from the sun

Most experts agree that this is the most important point you should do if you want to preserve the beauty and youth of your skin, namely, protection from the sun’s rays. Sunlight is one of the most important causes of skin problems, especially the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and spots, because it destroys the fibroblast, which forms collagen and elastin responsible for tightening and cohesion of the skin … Therefore, there is no doubt of the need to use sunscreen, as you should re-apply it to skin every hour and a half even on cloudy days Because the harmful rays of the sun penetrate the clouds.

2. Eat only Healthy Food

Inflammation is one of the main causes of skin problems, from wrinkles and sagging to pimples. Several factors cause infections, including some foods that quickly raise blood sugar, especially if they are eaten in large quantities. Among the most important of them are sweets, candies, pastries and juices. This was one of the reasons that led me to give up sugar permanently, and I wrote a detailed article on this experience here.

Stay away from fried foods, fast food, and foods with artificial flavorings and colors as much as possible. Drink a lot of water, and add cucumber slices, mint and a pinch of lemon to the water for an amazing taste. Have a lot of vegetables, leaves, grains and seeds, and eat fruits in moderation, and try to include foods rich in antioxidants in your meals. Among the most important foods, herbs and spices that contain elements and antioxidants that help protect the skin from wrinkles and other problems are turmeric, green tea, chamomile tea, pomegranate, tomatoes, almonds, etc. Lots .

Since food is one of the pleasures of life according to the best dermatologist in Islamabad  ,you should not deprive yourself of what you desire. If you are a fan of sweets, there are many healthy sweets that contain nutrients and antioxidants, including healthy energy balls that I make myself, and you can get the recipe from here.

3. Get enough sleep

I care about my sleep, and I notice that if I go to sleep early for seven hours, my skin will be at its best, and I think everyone notices that too. According to a scientific study on the effect of sleep quality on the appearance and function of the skin, the results were as follows: People who deprive themselves of adequate sleep show signs of aging on their skin, and suffer from the inability of the skin to recover from harmful environmental factors such as the effects of exposure to sunlight … and they were in addition To the above, they are not sure of the beauty of their skin and faces. You can read about the experience more here.

4. Adopt a Daily Routine Suitable for your skin

My skin is of the complex type, as it is oily in the nose and chest area and normal in other areas … This is why I should use a lotion from Avene to avoid blackheads and enlarged pores. At the same time, I make sure that other areas of my face do not become dehydrated .. As for the daily routine of my skin, I wash and moisturize my skin morning and evening, and of course I use creams that contain vitamins and antioxidants. You can get information about choosing the best face creams here.

5. Take special care to the skin around the eyes

As for the skin around the eyes, you should pay special attention to them, as the skin in that area is more thin than the skin in the rest of the face, so symptoms of aging appear faster … I clean the skin around my eyes with Garnier micellar cleansing water and I use special creams for the eyes and I moisturize the skin in that area several Times a day. From the age of 20, creams containing antioxidants should be used to combat the damage that occurs to the skin with age. And I wrote a special article talking about the best skin creams here.

6. Maintain your mental health

Tension and psychological stress cause infections in the body, which in turn creates wrinkles and pimples … To protect yourself from this problem, I advise you to exercise. The next article that may help you in overcoming psychological problems is here. But if your problems are out of control, I strongly advise you to visit a doctor or psychotherapist who will help you overcome them …

7. Be active

The sport of all kinds is one of the most important foundations for obtaining fresh skin. Sport stimulates blood circulation, which increases blood flow to the skin, thus obtaining more oxygen and other nutrients. And if you are the type who faces difficulty in doing exercises, I advise you to do the seven-minute exercises as they are comprehensive body exercises that do not take long and do not need specific devices. You can learn more details about it here.

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