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How to Maximize and Optimize Your Driver’s Cabin Space

It is a well-known fact that the demand and supply chain can only function smoothly when every cog within it works smoothly. Right from the procurement of materials, to production, and then the supply of finished products or services to the customer, every step should be efficient. In other articles, we have talked extensively about how you can take your van to the next level when it comes to storage systems and the optimization of cargo space.

Today, let us look at how we can maximize and optimize the drivers’ cabin space to make it comfortable for them. After all, they are the ones who finally make things happen for you – every single day! There are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to maximizing the utility of space in the cab of a commercial van.

To begin with, let us look at the primary aspects that you just cannot afford to ignore –

  1. Invest in accessories

Accessories are necessary for any vehicle – from mounts to organizers, the accessories and add-ons you choose can help to optimize your van space ergonomically. When it comes to driver comfort and ease of operation, the focus should be on aftermarket accessories that improve productivity and deliver comfort.

  • Don’t mind the gap, use the gaps

Your commercial vehicle may be small or large, but there are always nooks, crannies, and crevices that are underutilized. Make the best use of these gaps to store essentials as well as non-essentials. Doing so can help to de-clutter the space and prioritize things, resulting in optimized space utilization.

  • Similar, together

Just like in our homes, where we store similar stuff together (like dishes, documents, toiletries, etc.), make no exception for your van. When you dedicate and designate specific spaces for similar things, it makes your life way easier and more organized. This simple life hack is often ignored.

  • Dealing with the ceiling

You can use a variety of holders, hooks, and tapes to attach your folders and files to the ceiling of your van. This helps provide easy access to those things and frees up more space to store other objects. However, keep in mind not to attach things that are too heavy to the ceiling as they can collapse or fall in case of sudden braking or while traveling on rough roads.

With these 4 crucial factors in mind, let us look at some other aspects that also help a driver. Accessories like sliding door partitions cancel the noise of the cargo and fold-up shelving systems give the driver easy access to essentials. American Van has all the solutions for you. Here are our top picks from the various accessories that American Van offers to make your life way simpler and your business more productive.

  • Small Parts

Storing small parts in a cargo van and ensuring that they are accessible can get quite tricky. Many a time placing small parts on shelves is not a good option. There has to be a proper system to store them. Small parts can also create a huge problem if not stored properly and systematically. To avoid such situations, using a small part organizer is a smart way to keep the work area in your van free of clutter. There are many options – from carrying cases to complete storage units. Depending on your needs, these systems may consist of multiple drawers. Small parts storage bins also fit easily onto van shelving, which has a lip across the front to hold bins and drawers that stay in place during transit.

  • Interior Lighting

Imagine looking for important documents and paperwork at night in a dimly lit van or while in a dark parking lot. It can become a nightmare, especially in times of urgency – picture a police officer asking you for paperwork and you blindly searching for it! Fear not, for you can always switch to LED dome units or long fluorescent fixtures in your van. Position an LED dome light directly over your van desk for perfect illumination. The strong polycarbonate base of the LED dome light is impact resistant and the cover allows light to shine as clear as day. LED van lights do not flicker or go dim, thus providing bright light constantly. An intuitively designed switch on the base makes it easy to reach up and turn the interior lighting on or off when needed.

  • Laptop Mounts

In today’s times, the cargo van has practically turned into a mobile workstation for many businesses. A laptop or mobile/tablet mount can make the driver’s life infinitely easier. These laptop mounts not only secure devices but also helps the driver use them conveniently.

  • Document Storage Solutions

At American Van, we have a plethora of document storage systems that not only help you organize your paperwork but also allow tremendous ease in accessing them. Our multi-tier book and map racks help you store all your documents like licenses, manuals, maps, invoices, etc. in the most efficient way. These systems allow extremely smart integration and optimization of space.

At American Van Equipment, we have the entire gamut of accessories that can make a van driver’s life simpler. Right from modular sliding partitions to document storage solutions to laptop mounts and interior lighting, we cover it all! American Van is known for its last mile delivery and we ensure that your vehicle and you get nothing less than the best! Explore our catalog and take your p

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