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How to Prepare for the Class 5 Math Olympiad?

The International Math Olympiad or IMO is a well-known examination conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) every year across several countries. Students from classes 1 to 12 are eligible to give this exam, depending on their current class. The Olympiad generally comprises of five different rounds, which are a school, district, state, national and international level (held in the order stated). Over ten lakh students appear every year for this exam and after every round, only a few are chosen to move on to the next round.

Often many students make minor mistakes that gravely affect their final scores in the Olympiad. With adequate practice, these mistakes can be minimized. Another important key factor is remaining calm while appearing for the exam. Generally, students who have prepared well for this exam tend to panic when they lose time on one question or reach an answer which is incorrect. This leads to them making more mistakes while answering the following questions. Remember that after each level only the top 3 students are chosen, up to the international level where 6 students are chosen to represent a country.

Maths Olympiad exams also help students in improving their problem-solving skills, which in future help them in any competitive exams. Here are some important tips for you to prepare easily and effectively for the Olympiad tests.

  1. Go through the syllabus – The most important step is to be aware of the syllabus. Going through the syllabus before starting preparing for the exam will help you to know the particular topics you need to cover so that you may make a preparation strategy accordingly.
  2. Plan a proper study schedule and stick to it  You need to prepare a proper strategy for the subject and devote proper time to every subject and topic.
  3. Learn and understand the concept – You should understand the in-depth concepts and solve problems. Also, taking doubt sessions is an effective practice that can be taken by you. Most of the problems that come in the Olympiad is based on conceptual facts. You should make sure that study each topic thoroughly to get a thorough comprehension of the concepts and logic at work. Only intelligent preparation will enable students to feel confident and capable of answering the difficult questions that will be posted in any competitive test.
  4. Introduce interesting ways to remember the formulas and theorems – While preparing for the Maths Olympiads kids take much time to remember the important formulas and theorems. You should think of interesting ways to understand and to memorise. For example, everyday Quizzes and puzzles and many more. Writing the concepts is also a good way to remember things. Memorizing theorems and making the student writer can also help.
  5. Review their answers and notes – Be it any exam the more students practice the things he/they will never forget during an exam or for their entire life. Because the Olympiad examinations are based on the school syllabus and kids should be in the habit of taking down notes and memorising key facts for each and every topic covered in class. Parents should review their child answers and notes and mark any mistakes to help in correcting them. This brief practice will be helpful for the future and allow the kids to learn more quickly.
  6. Prepare notes/quick facts for revision – Preparing notes will be very useful for future references and revisions, hence helping you learn faster
  7. Get A Teacher’s Opinion – Remember at the end of the day your teachers are most likely to be your best resources for information and they understand your strengths and weaknesses well from teaching you. Taking notes from your teacher’s advice will help your upgraded performance and during your Math Olympiad.
  8. Solve previous year papers, sample papers and take mock tests – Previous year papers are always useful to analyse the type of questions asked in an examination. One should also take up a mock test and analyse your results.
  9. Stay focused and motivated – While preparing for the Olympiad exams, be focused and attentive. Never lose hope for the best and be focused.
  10. Daily solve puzzles –Keep solving crosswords or random puzzles in newspapers and books.
  11. Make sure of proper rest – Do not stay awake at night because of Olympiads or for any other exam. When you are studying for their exam brain has to be at peak performance to understand and regain all of the material that is being read and understood. So, you cannot afford to miss out on sleep and cause your brain to become tired. To keep your body and mind fresh at all times, you should ensure enough sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours and a nap.
  12. Stay Calm – Stress will only cloud your judgment during an Olympiad. Find out the things by which you feel relaxed and can fresh his mind for the preparation of Olympiad. Also, Stay calm and fresh during preparation and exam.

Keeping a plan up to current and up to date is the most effective way to prepare for your exams. Oswaal books may be beneficial while you study for your class 5 Olympiad exams. These books provide a plethora of examples to ensure that students fully grasp each concept. If you do not believe you have a strong job in a certain area, these books may help you focus on essential components that will help you obtain good outcomes quickly.

These are the 12 most essential things you can do as a student to ensure that you perform to your full potential and pass with flying colours. Parents should not require to enrol their children in any coaching or study sessions to prepare for Olympiad examinations. To win in these competitive examinations, students must have a thorough understanding of each topic and concept by actively studying each topic in class.

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