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Is a PMP bootcamp worth it?

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is a world-renowned certificate for project managers. This certificate means that you are a perfect candidate who can manage people, processes, and project needs for any company. This certificate along with your degree and experience will help you reach the top. This will also help you get a monetary raise and promotions. To take a PMP certification exam you must get 35 hours of PMP training. Since this is an important exam for your career you need to choose the best course that is being offered. There are many boot camps available in the market but is this all worth it? 

Here are reasons why you should choose a boot camp

  1. Strengthens your skills

A Bootcamp is not a few month-long courses where you can learn at your own pace. It is a fast-paced 3-4 days long course where you train for hours. You have to finish the entire syllabus within a short span of time. The entire course is crammed up in 35 hours. You need to know and learn about the five processes of project management. They are- the planning phase, executing phase, controlling and monitoring phase, and lastly closing phase. All in all, you have to learn every single thing present in project management theory which can help you execute projects in a better way.

  1. Career Growth 

Major companies today are looking for highly qualified and skilled professionals. The PMP Certification is a globally recognized certificate and gives credibility to your knowledge. It has international accreditations thereby increasing your chances of being recognized in global markets and the business community. Having a good network in the market is extremely important. When you attend these boot camps you are meeting people who could be future PMP certificate holders. You will also connect with people who are already PMP certified who can help you in future hiring. A good network will help you grab good opportunities and eventually help you grow in your career. Research for the current PMP certification boot camp and go now and get yourself registered right away.

  1. Get a salary hike

Having a globally recognized certificate is surely a reason you are preferred over a non-certified employee. When two people with the same skillset are candidates but there can only be one manager your academic excellence will be measured. If you have gone through the training and passed the PMP exam without a doubt you win. With the certificate, you can also demand a salary hike and promotion. You can earn at least 20% higher than any non-certified project manager. You can even earn a 6 figure salary soon.

  1. Personality Growth

The success of any course depends on the candidate. You must know how important it is and take up this course seriously. The main aim of this course is to bring out a manager in you who is competent, communicates effectively, leads their team well, and makes well thought and informed decisions. You are responsible for the entire project and its success or failure greatly depends on the manager. You will be required to know a lot of things that this course will help you understand. A manager is supposed to lead an entire team, train, and evaluate them. The certification will not only teach you the necessary skills but will also help you improve your personality with the help of soft skills.

  1. Learn personal marketing

A PMP Certification will help you reach global markets. You can connect with people from across the world through various discussion boards, forums, social media, and other business platforms. You will be able to meet people who are pursuing this course, people who are already certified, and those who look up to you for guidance. The mix of people will teach you a lot. They can guide you and help you in this journey. Here you can learn how to leverage your knowledge and create a presence in your field.

Along with these benefits that a PMP Certification has there are some cons like time and money involved as well. But the return you get is a hundred times better. Bootcamps are a great way to learn so much in so little time. They can give you the required knowledge, direction, and proper guidance that you need when preparing for the exam.

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