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Why Should You Learn Urdu in 2021?

Learning Urdu is one of the great ways for people to enhance their linguistic skills and make themselves an ideal candidate for excelling in tasks requiring Urdu linguistics, such as poetry, Urdu literature, songs, dramatics, and much more. Urdu is considered the official and is considered one of the most recognized languages in India. Urdu and Hindi languages are similar and mutually understandable, considering the grammar and vocabulary of the language are alike. There are many benefits of learning the Urdu language for a variety of purposes, some of which are as follows:

Experience of Diversified Culture

Pakistani culture is known for its diversified and enriched culture and traditional heritage. In addition, Pakistan is popularly known for its wide range of civilizations, values and languages. The Urdu language is one of the most important aspects of knowing an enriched culture. The language is sufficient to introduce you to various cultures that include music, language, poetry, traditions, values, and much more. You may also have good access to reading the masterpiece of poetry and writings written in pure Urdu language. It will also allow you to cherish and enjoy Urdu-speaking nations’ culture to its true extent.

Rich Linguistic History

One of the most compelling reasons to know and learn about the Urdu language is to avail the opportunity to explore the enriched background of Urdu language history. A wide range of literature and writings is written in the Urdu language and translated into various languages, especially English. This language is full of enriched writing and cultural aspects such as quality writings, poetry, and articles written in the Urdu language by famous poets such as Allama Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir Faiz Ahmad Faiz and much more.

The Urdu language has Geographic Significance.

The Urdu language is considered one of the most diversified languages having an amalgamation of Farsi, Arabic, Hindi words and much more. The Urdu language has worldwide acceptance and recognition with the proceedings of CPEC that is known China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The language is considered genuinely relevant and accepted in light of the Afghan war and Gawadar Port’s role. Apart from this, the presence of a nuclear weapon in Pakistan also makes the Urdu language a geo-strategically unavoidable aspect. The reasons mentioned above have made the Urdu language a fascinating and potential language to learn and speak.

Experiencing the Tourism Industry in Pakistan

Suppose you are a travel enthusiast and would love to visit Pakistan’s diversified and enriched culture and heritage. In that case, you must consider learning the Urdu language in the best manner. Pakistan is pervasive geographically and involves large tourist spots and places such as the northern side of Pakistan, the capital of Pakistan and much more than tourists from all around the world would love to experience. It is why people should learn the Urdu language to experience Pakistan’s diversified culture and enriched heritage to elevate their overall touring experience.

Job Opportunities in the Marketplace

Suppose you want to avail the best job opportunities in the marketplace that involves the Urdu language as a must. In that case, you must consider learning the language to elevate and enhance your career path and graph and shape it to a new and improved level.


Learning the Urdu language is very important in 2021 as it allows people to access emerging opportunities in Pakistan such as improved job marketplace, business opportunities, exploring the beautiful and brighter side of the cultural heritage of Urdu-speaking countries, and much more to fulfil your goal.

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