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Top 5 reasons why fashion is important

What comes to your mind when you come across the word fashion? A common man would think fashion is totally related to attire and wear something off-beat. But this is not the only thing about fashion. Fashion has a wide meaning and has various prospects. Everyone has a different perspective about fashion. Fashion has different meanings to different people, and why not? Fashion is a versatile word with more than a thousand meanings, not literally. 

Relating fashion with off-beat attire is quite an understated thing. Now it’s high time we realise the real meaning of fashion and incorporate it in our life.

Fashion, to me, is styling your basic attire in a way that marks your own statement in the gathering. Fashion in another way is how you can make yourself look your best. It includes everything from top to bottom. I mean, from your hairstyle to your shoes. Everything is in fashion. Even how you behave is also a broader part of fashion. Makeup, hygiene, perfumes are all included in the fashion with their own special position. 

We often fail to understand the meaning of fashion and its importance in our life. We as a common man think fashion is a hi-fi thing, and it is not for the general public. 

If you are someone who has the same thoughts as mentioned above about fashion, then you should read this article. Here in this piece I will tell you the importance of fashion in our life with a broader perspective. So let’s dive into the article.


It creates an impression-

You might have heard of a famous quote “First impression is the last impression”. Impression is not just the behaviour but also our outlook from which a person perceives and makes a perspective before even talking to us. This is really important. You might have met various people, but the urge to converse with them is only restricted to a few people. It’s because of the personality or persona that you perceive about them with their look. Fashion is not about wearing a blingy and glamorous outfit that doesn’t suit our budget. But fashion is about making yourself look elegant and attractive enough. You can wear something really simple and yet look put-together and fashionable. Fashion can really mark your impression on the other person’s mind. 

Expresses about the personality-

Personality is the first thing that comes in the picture before anything else about us. Wearing tacky or mismatched clothes, blingy jewelleries, unmatched footwear can make you look clearly out of league. Fashion talks about your personality. The kind of clothes you wear, jewelry you put on, your taste in perfume etc. Creates your personality which is often judged. We live in a society where people are judged by their appearance, and it is very shameful. Still, a sense of clothing can create your own style statement, which is important to mark your standing in society. Apparels can be a great gift for a birthday as well.

Boost your confidence-

Of Course, why not? Remember the last time when someone complimented you on your looks. Haven’t you felt confident? This is what fashion does. You don’t have to wear or run behind trendy clothes to look fashionable. You can wear anything that suits your body, occasion, and you are able to carry it gracefully and comfortably. Fashion boosts your confidence, and you are able to step up your game to 50% just by looking right. It gives you a sense of self-confidence, and you are able to actualise yourself better in gatherings. It also gives you a sense of self-accomplishment and boosts your morale.

It brings out the creative side-

Fashion is art. Art of self-expression without words. A fashionable person is able to express himself or herself in a better way than a common man. Fashion brings out the creative side of an individual. The way a person moulds himself or herself to look his or her best is totally creative. It needs effort and time to fit yourself in a look that is comfortable, chic and stylish. Isn’t it amazing that with the same outfits and jewelry, it is possible to create more than 100 looks? It sounds crazy, but this is the reality, and that is what we call creativity. Instead of creating looks which fashion bloggers or models flaunt, you can use your own creativity to make a different look that suits you better. 
Fashion is never about wearing trendy outfits or spending thousands on shoes, clothes and jewellery. It’s about wearing anything that suits your personality, body type and matches your comfort level. Dressing according to the occasion and feeling pretty from the inside can make you look way more fashionable than wearing something revealing and being uncomfortable in it. Before running behind the word fashion and correlating it with unnecessary assumptions, try understanding the real meaning of fashion with a broader perspective. If you are gifting jewellery or fashionable items to your loved ones on their birthday, then you can order an online birthday flower. I hope you liked and found this article helpful.

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