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How to repair copper refrigerator water line

An existing cold water line is connected to copper tubing. When running a refrigerator water line, the most difficult part is tapping into the cold water pipe and running the 1/4-in. O.D. flexible copper tubing.

Copper water pipes provide a consistent stream of water to your fridge repair, which it uses to generate ice and dispense filtered water. Connections and points where the line might rub against other surfaces, generating a small pinhole, are areas along a copper supply line that are prone to developing leaks. In most circumstances, a leaky copper wire can be repaired rather than replaced.


What You Will Require

  • Wrench with a crescent shape
  • Cutter for tubing
  • Copper nut and ferrule, 1/4 inch
  • Copper couplings 1/4 inch

If you have a leaking refrigerator, it is critical to repair it as soon as possible to avoid significant water damage. A leak behind the fridge repair dubai is a regular occurrence. Your copper supply line, which feeds water from the wall valve to the icemaker unit in the refrigerator, is most likely to blame. You can fix any leak with a few simple tools and an hour or two. Also, you can prefer refrigerated display cabinets that look modernĀ in your home.

1st step

Pull the refrigerator away from the wall with the help of a friend. You’ll have to pull the refrigerator completely out of the way to get behind it if it’s between two walls. Because the copper water line is coiled up behind the refrigerator and you don’t want to kink it when you move the refrigerator, be careful when you pull it out.

2nd Step

Find the icemaker shutoff valve, which is normally under the kitchen sink. Close the valve by turning it clockwise. Check the icemaker’s water feature to ensure it is not turned on.

3rd step

Examine the area behind the refrigerator for any signs of damage. You may or may not see a visible break or crack in the copper line. Using the crescent wrench, tighten the 1/4 copper nut fitting at the back of the refrigerator. This nut can come free at any time.

4th step

Using a helper, re-open the water supply valve. Look for any possible leaks. Ask your assistance to turn off the water again if the 1/4 inch copper nut on the back of the refrigerator is still leaking. Remove the copper ferrule by loosening the nut. You may need to use the copper tubing cutter to cut off the end of the tube and purchase a new 1/4 inch nut and ferrule.

5th step

Attach the nut to the end of the 1/4 copper tubing that was attached to the refrigerator’s rear. Place the ferrule in place. Using the crescent wrench, tighten the entire connection. The ferrule will compress against the tube and establish a watertight seal. Check for leaks by turning on the water.

6th step

Remove any parts of split copper tubing with a leak in the middle of the line rather than at the refrigerator end. To do this, use the tubing cutter. Install two 1/4 inch couplings on the 1/4 copper tubing by sliding the nut and then the ferrule on, just as you did for the end connection at the refrigerator. Check for leaks after tightening the nuts and ferrules.

7th step

Reinstall the refrigerator, making sure the copper line remains in a coil form and does not kink.

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