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How to stop Discord from telling what game you’re playing – USA

Discord, no doubt, is the most popular chat app for gamers because it’s free and easy to use. One of the most famous things about it is that you can look at your list of friends and see what game everyone is playing at the time. But that could get annoying quickly. We’re here to help you escape this and take control of your privacy by hiding what games you’re playing on Discord.


●    List of What’s Inside

This guide shows you how to stop your PC or mobile Discord account from playing games. Also, we tell you how to stop showing the game you’re playing on certain sites, so let’s get right to it. You can also read: how to show your watching youtube on discord

Stop telling people on Discord (Windows) what game you’re playing. First, we’ll show you how to stop Discord from telling everyone on the app, like your friend list or servers, what game you’re playing. This works on the Discord web, Windows, Mac, and Linux apps. Here are the steps you must take:

 Open Discord and click the gear icon next to your username in the bottom left to open Settings.

●    open discord settings

 Go to Settings, scroll down to the bottom, and click “Activity Privacy” in the left tab.

In the Discord settings, click on “Game Activity.” Next, turn off the “Display current activity as a status message” switch in the right pane to keep other Discord users from seeing what game you’re playing right now.

Note: If you turn this feature off, Discord will also stop showing the activity state for Spotify, public Discord Stages you join, and other apps that support Rich Presence. You can link Spotify and Discord so that people on the servers you belong to can see what song you’re listening to.

You can also choose if your game activity should be visible on big Fortnite or Minecraft Discord servers you join in the future.

●    server privacy—status of gameplay

A prompt should be displayed to request confirmation of the server’s privacy. Suppose you want to apply the new setting to already-existing servers. Choose the choice that works best for you. So, that’s all. You have changed your privacy settings so that Discord no longer shows what games you are playing.

●    Remove Games from the Discord Status List by Hand

Now, you can change the privacy settings and choose to remove the games that used to appear in the Discord activity state. How does that work?

1.  Go to “Settings” in Discord and choose “Registered Games” from the list on the left.

2.  Hover over the game you want to delete and click the red “X” in the top right corner.

●    Take away registered games from Discord.

Don’t discuss the game you’re playing on your Discord server.You should only turn off the game activity feature on a few sites instead of the whole platform. You can easily do that and stop letting people know what game you’re playing on that site. Your friends and people you’ve met on other sites can still see what you’re doing.

If you’re interested in how to conceal your current game from your Discord status.  specific servers:

  • Go to the server where you want to turn it off; tap on the server’s name in the upper-left corner to access our activity status.
  • Click on the server’s name at the top left. Click “Privacy Settings” in the drop-down menu that comes up.

Private settings for discord server 3. Now, turn off the “Activity Status” switch, just like we did in the first part. This will stop telling others on the chosen server what game you’re playing. Everyone will be able to see what you do in the chat app.

●    Hide action for the Discord game.

Stop telling others what you do on your Android or iOS Discord mobile device.

Suppose you use Discord on your iPhone or Android phone to talk. When playing games with friends on the app, the activity does not display the game name. When playing games with friends on the app, the activity does not display the game name. State. This only happens on Samsung Galaxy phones, with a special Discord interface that users must set up and use. Yes, your friends or other users on sites you’re a part of can’t see the mobile game you’re playing.

But if you join a public Stage on your phone to listen to a talk or chat, it will show up as a status to other Discord users. You can hide this status if you want to stay hidden on the site. This is how:

 Open the mobile app for Discord and tap on the icon for your name in the bottom navigation bar. Then, choose “Privacy & Safety” from the list of settings.

●    discord mobile app private settings

 On the Privacy & Safety page, turn off the toggle “Show current activity as a status message.” So, that’s all.

Note: If you used this guide to hide your activity status on the desktop or web versions of Discord, the same change will be made for your account on mobile. You don’t have to turn off this function on each platform separately.

●    Turn off mobile game action.

This is everything you can do to hide game behavior on Discord. This great privacy feature lets you keep nosy players away and keeps cyberstalkers from following you. You could also use this app to watch Netflix on Discord so you and your friends could watch TV shows and movies together or make custom stickers for Discord. This is the end of this guide. Tell us in the comments if you have any questions.

●    Questions People Usually Ask

1)    Does Discord tell other people what you do on the Internet?

Discord immediately shows what games you’re playing and what software you use (if you add it yourself). But Discord doesn’t show what website you’re on when you’re online. Even if you’re talking in a chat, an app opens in the background while you’re surfing the web, no one can find out who you are.

2)    Does Discord see what you are doing on Chrome?

Discord does not instantly show your friends and other users on a server what you are looking at on Chrome. But you can show in the activity state that you are using Google Chrome. You have to add the app directly by going to “Settings > Registered Games > Not seeing your app. choice “Add it!” Then, Discord will let other players know that you are “Playing Google Chrome.”

3)    Does Discord know which mobile game you’re playing?

Discord can’t see what app or game you’re using on your phone. But if you join a public Stage chat on Discord, the app will show you are participating. You can also learn how to set a custom state on Discord by reading our guide.

4)    Does Discord know what you’re doing when you’re not online?

If you set your status to “invisible,” the app won’t show what game you’re playing, as revealed on Twitter. So, you could easily become unseen and play games in peace.

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