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5 budget-friendly staircase ideas to freshen up your hallway

Your staircase is likely the first thing your guests see when they enter your home, so of course, you want it to look good.

An old, tired-looking staircase isn’t going to help you make a good impression, and as such a massive eye sore, it’s sure to take away from the rest of your décor.

Whether you like to keep things minimal or you’re more of a maximalist, there are plenty of things you can do to revive your worn-out stairs and keep your entryway looking its best without having to break the bank.

In need of some inspiration?

Discover five of the most stunning, affordable staircase ideas below.


Painted stair risers

A stair riser is the vertical space between one step and the next.

Painting them is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways for budget-conscious homeowners to revamp their staircase, and there are many different directions you can take it.

Opt for bold, vibrant colours in an alternating pattern to create a striking contrast, or subtler shades to complement the rest of your décor – the choice is yours!

Invest in a stair runner

Not only do stair runners help protect your stairs from wear and tear, but they also provide the perfect opportunity to play around with different materials, colours and patterns.

All runners are priced differently, but for the most part, they’re relatively affordable and guaranteed to provide the most beautiful focal point in your hallway.

Switch out your spindles

The spindles are the part of your staircase that connects the baserail and handrail.

From glass, wrought iron and steel to timeless carved wooden spindles, there’s something to suit all décor styles.

For the modern minimalist, replacing your old wooden spindles with glass panels will provide the ultimate contemporary twist – transforming your entryway by allowing more light to flow through, and making your space appear larger.

Or, for those looking for more elegance and sophistication, wrought iron or steel is definitely the way to go.

You could even use a combination of different materials for a staircase design that’s totally unique to you.

Consider staircase decals

Staircase decals are possibly the quickest, most affordable way to achieve a whole new look for your apples and pears.

They come in a variety of different designs, from geometric patterns and floral motifs to inspirational quotes and faux tile arrangements – so no matter your preferences, you’re sure to find something to suit your home perfectly.

They’re easy to apply and remove, so you can switch things up as much as you please. Talk about convenience!

Re-sand and refinish 

Sometimes, all your staircase needs to look like new again is a quick re-sand and refinish.

Ideally, this should be done every 5-8 years, but there’s no harm in doing it a little sooner if your stairs are looking a little desperate for some TLC.

Doing this will smooth out any flaws, remove stubborn dirt and grime, and restore your stairs to their former glory. 

Looking for more expert ideas?

There’s a world of different budget-friendly staircase ideas you can use to give your hallway a makeover.

For more inspiration, or to shop high-quality replacement staircase parts, head over to Pear Stairs and get in touch with their team.

Their staircase specialists have decades of experience in helping their customers design their dream staircases, and they’re always happy to help!

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