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How to Take Care of a Toaster

When was the last time you did a thorough check-up on your toaster? Or are you planning to clean it over the weekend? This is the right thing to do, especially if you love taking bread for breakfast. Your toaster might be losing its efficiency progressively, and if you are not careful, it might stop working while making breakfast for your family. Taking care of your toaster should be your number one priority, especially if you have been using it for years.

If you do not want to be embarrassed in front of your friends and relatives, embrace the following guidelines:

Unplug Your Toaster if not in Use

If you want to maintain the efficiency of your toaster, unplugging it should be the first thing to do once you have finished making your bread for breakfast. You have heard of cases where a family left an electric appliance plugged into sockets to find their houses in ashes. The reason being, the electric devices overheated and fire broke out. The aspect means that if you leave your toaster plugged in, its motherboard might get electrocuted and stop working, especially if it was placed on a moist surface. Therefore, if you want to be safe and preservative, avoid leaving it plugged into your working socket.


All electrical appliances, including the European design kettles, should be kept clean. Once you are done using a toaster, gently shake out all the loose crumbs that might have been left out. You can use a clean cloth to scrub off any dirt on the appliance. You can do this at least once a week as you check its efficiency.

Wiping the Whole Toaster

Some people prefer cleaning a toaster at least once a week. But you do not have to follow this schedule, especially if you have kids who love taking bread immediately after waking up. Before and after using your toaster, you can develop a habit of wiping the whole appliance to take care of it. As you do so, it will be easier to detect any defect that might affect its efficiency in the future.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Most electrical appliances have a maintenance schedule where manufacturers send their technicians to check on the functionality of their machines. There are cases where the technicians guide their users online on how they ought to service their devices. If you love your toaster, try following its maintenance schedule to maintain its efficiency. If you are not sure what you are supposed to do, you can call your manufacturer or email them to get the necessary guidelines. Alternatively, you can seek help from the nearest technician who will ensure that your toaster is working well and maybe help tighten some of the bolts that might affect its efficiency.

Bottom Line

If you love taking bread and coffee in the morning, develop a habit of taking care of your toaster and the electric kettle. The two can save your throat, especially if you wake up late and have to catch an early bus.

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