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How to Take Care of Your Cosmetic Tattoo?

You have ever heard people saying that getting something adorable is easy; but, maintaining it is always overwhelming. In the same manner, applying a cosmetic tattoo is easy. However, a lot of effort is required to take care of the tattoo and maintain its elegance. It is worth noting that post-treatment care determines the success of the entire process. Therefore, it is good to be keen after undergoing the tattooing procedure on your lips. If you are not sure of the pigments or fluids to use to enhance healing, you can consult an expert and avoid making mistakes that can affect you. 

If you recently applied a cosmetic tattoo, you might be struggling to maintain it. Luckily, you have landed on the right page, and I am here for you. I will be categorical in sharing some non-filter beauty tips after getting a cosmetic tattoo.

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The first 24 hours 

The first 24 hours are essential as they will determine the success of the cosmetic tattoo process in improving your outlook. You need to gently pat the area with damp cotton or use a water wipe to remove any excess lymph that might affect your outlook later. You need to repeat this every hour for at least three to four hours to prevent cases where cabs will be formed. If swelling has occurred, you do not need to worry as this will settle after a day or two.

The First Seven Days

After the first seven days are over, you should not experience any pain. However, you will experience a slight tenderness around the treated area. For this reason, avoid touching the treated area with unwashed hands as this may introduce some microbes that might affect the healing process of the treated area. Using a cotton tip, you can apply an after-care jelly at least two times a day. However, if your lips are oily, you can avoid using a lip balm as this may extend the time taken for your lips to heal completely. Keep contacting your cosmetic expert for more directions.

Other Precautions

Do not wet the area more than necessary, as this may wash the inserted pigment. In addition, you should avoid exercises that may cause excessive sweating as this too may dilute the stain inserted in your lips and increase the chance of having an infection in the long run. Avoid swimming or using saunas or even scorching showers. In addition, do not scratch or even pick the flakes that emerge as this may chuck off the pigment. Do not add any other makeup to the treated area as this may introduce microbes known to cause infections. Avoid basking in the sun for long before you are healed completely. 


Once you are healed completely, you need to take care of your lips as any mistake can introduce some microbes that might affect your orientation to the latter. It would be best to remember that you cannot donate blood for four months after undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

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