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How Vegan Leather Can Change The Leather Industry Of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the top exporters of leather, as the quality is excellent. However, one area where it lacks is keeping up with the international leather arena. For example, the trend is moving towards vegan leather as many people are becoming conscious of the cruelty towards animals for leather.

In such times, Pakistan also needs to step up and change its leather industry for the better. Asif Ali Gohar, a vegan leather visionary, aims to transform this industry in Pakistan, but he can only do that with your help. Here is what you need to know about it.


Asif’s Journey Into Vegan Leather

Asif was born in Pakistan, but he has lived in Germany since he was twelve years old. During all this time, he gained an interest in vegan alternatives to leather. This interest sparked his curiosity, and he began experimenting with various items.

Finally, Asif came across rice as a vegan substitute for leather. He worked and worked till he found a formula that turned the rice into vegan leather. According to Asif, this can change the leather industry of Pakistan for the better.

How Vegan Leather Can Transform Pakistan’s Leather Industry

Here are the top ways in which vegan leather can transform the leather industry of Pakistan:

1. Increase In Leather Exports

Currently, leather exports contribute 4% of the GDP of Pakistan. Of course, as the demand for vegan leather is increasing in the international market, Pakistan can capitalize on this opportunity. It can fill the gaps internationally for affordable vegan leather by exporting what Asif has to offer.

Doing this will be an additional boost for the GDP of Pakistan, and it will positively affect the country’s economy. No one in Pakistan is doing this right now, which is why someone needs to take this opportunity.

2. Competing In The International Market

Pakistan has the potential to compete in the international market if it also introduces vegan leather and begins exporting. Of course, that can only be done if it has an effective solution for vegan leather. Asif Ali Gohar is creating vegan leather to ensure that Pakistan can also stand on the international level.

It can be one of the best things for the leather industry. After all, international competition is needed for better production.

3. Creating A Name

No one is using rice as a vegan substitute for leather. Pakistan can be the first one to do it if it follows Asif’s vision. It can allow exporters to create a positive name and reputation for themselves in the international market in the long run.

Join Hands With Asif Today

If you work in the rice or leather industry in Pakistan, or you are an investor, please feel free to get in touch with Asif Ali Gohar today. His mission is to transform this industry and ensure that no more animals are harmed for leather. So, join hands with him and boost the economy of your country in no time.

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