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How You Can Deal With The Complications of Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids might or might not require treatment based on how problematic they seem to you. As such, not every fibroid grows. In fact, some shrink during menopause and at times, even the larger ones are without any symptoms. Regardless of that, you need to visit a doctor to note the growth rate of the fibroids, especially when there is pain or bleeding accompanying it. The least you can do is to use your Bajaj Finserv health EMI network card details to get thorough pelvic exams done each year.


Do the best gynaecologist in Pune advise home remedies for fibroids?

Home remedies are not enough to cure fibroids. You can only try out things that aid you in feeling better. You might be aware of the abdominal mass when the fibroids are outside your uterus. A good idea would be to lie down and place a hot water pack in the lower abdomen for pain relief. Doing this a couple of times a day can be helpful to you.

Medications suggested by the best gynaecologist in Pune

Pain relievers like ibuprofen might be helpful. However, such medications have to be taken in the right dosage to avoid further complicating your condition. If the doctor sees the need to prescribe something for the fibroids, consider the following options.

Hormone therapies

Hormone replacement therapies or birth control medicines might be recommended to impede fibroid growth. However, in several situations, a doctor might ask you to take birth control medication to prevent anemia and bleeding from the fibroids, even when the hormones make the fibroids grow.

GnRH hormone antagonists

Your body makes GnRH hormone naturally. The antagonists of this hormone put the body in menopause by suppressing the excess estrogen that leads to fibroid growth. These are expensive drugs that you should only take for six months as they might make you get osteoporosis by turning your joints and bones weak.

Usually, doctors prescribe a low dosage of progestin to reduce your probability of getting osteoporosis. 

GnRH hormone agonists

These help in reducing anemia and shrinking fibroids. The precautions are the same as the antagonists. In fact, similar to the antagonists, your fibroids will grow back when you are no longer on the agonists. To prevent this, many doctors prescribe a combination of progesterone, estrogen, and antagonist.


Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) are the kind of medicine that targets the estrogen levels. They can shrink your fibroids minus any menopause symptom. However, researchers are not yet sure regarding their usefulness in uterine fibroids.

Can an IUD help in dealing with the complications?

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a type of birth control device that you can source through your Bajaj Finserv health EMI network card details. This is not something that will shrink the fibroids but it will definitely help you in controlling the cramping and bleeding resulting from the condition.

Possible treatment options of uterine fibroids

Your doctor might consider a number of possibilities based on the severity of your condition.

Shrinking the fibroid through fibroid embolization

The doctor will be injecting PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) in the arteries feeding the fibroid. It will block the fibroid’s blood supply and make it shrink. Though it isn’t surgery, you might have to spend a few nights in a hospital as you might feel pain, vomiting, and nausea in the initial stages.

Destroying uterine lining through endometrial ablation

It is the process that doctors use to destroy the uterine lining to prevent bleeding from small fibroids.

Removing fibroids through myomectomy

Myomectomy is the surgical removal of fibroids. Doctors tend to recommend this remedy over all others to anyone who plans to get pregnant. However, there is still a risk of infertility from scarring. It is better to wait for four to six months after myomectomy to get pregnant. The symptoms of fibroids usually do not persist after a myomectomy.

Wrapping up

Depending on the severity, uterine fibroids can be an extremely painful condition. So, make sure you consult with doctor even if you experience the slightest bleeding and discomfort. Remember that the growth of fibroids can be arrested if checked on time. However, it will only get more complicated by the day if left untreated.

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