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Innovative packaging designs that will make you feel fantastic!

Obviously, all the companies entering into an industry focus on making their product unique, helpful, and appealing. If you are going to follow this same mundane process, you will be lost in the crowd. Always coming up with a unique product that the customer has never used is not possible, but there is one way you can differentiate your product and make it more appealing, and that is by making changes to the packaging. 

We live in a highly competitive and changing market, and thus, you need to think out of the box to beat the neck-wrenching competition in your industry, and working on your packaging is one such way to beat the competition. Innovative packaging is becoming a buzzword among most industries, and by mastering this art, you can make your product stand out from all the other products on the shelf. 

So, let’s understand the concept of innovative packaging and look at some enticing innovative packaging ideas. 

What is innovative packaging?

Innovative packaging includes boxes, wrapping materials, and containers that introduce new methods or things in the market and make the product look more appealing. Innovative packaging opens the door to new ways of delivery, and it also presents new ideas to the firms to market the product. 

The two main points on which innovative packaging and labeling focus are individuality and brand message communication through resourceful solutions and images. But you have to keep one thing in mind; innovative packaging is widely desirable, yet it can be elusive. 

Best examples of innovative packaging 


One of the best things about the innovative packaging of Coach is it makes it clear that innovative packaging doesn’t always need to be complex. Coach communicates its idea of luxury with the customers through the black color of the box as black boxes are considerable objects for customers. 

The brand communicated the right message by picking the right color and connecting the top and bottom compartments with invisible lines. Along with this, Coach made sure to use good quality boxes for its product since the core idea of its packaging was to give a sense of luxury to the customers. 

Such types of packaging cause the customer to keep the box instead of discarding it. The keepable and heavy feel of the box is consistent throughout the entire range of Coach and you can take inspiration from such types of innovative packaging ideas. 


From Coach’s simple and sleek design, we move to a more daring and technical design used by MATCHESFASHION. 

In most luxury brands, you notice a simple color, a simple yet royal design, and simple, clean fonts. But MATCHESFASHION set itself apart from the rest of the brands by not following this simple trend. 

MATCHESFASHION distinguished itself from the other brands by using a daring yet innovative marble packaging design. You can analyze the success of such an idea by looking at the fact that this pattern has become almost a secondary logo for the company, and it appears even as the backdrop of its app icon. 


One of the best ways to stay inventive is to use campaign packaging, and TED BAKER has proved labeling and this theory. The Chronicles of Yarnia is one of the best examples of how a company can harness the power of campaign packaging and set a benchmark for all the other players in the industry. 

The carrier bag used by TED BAKER offers almost a Christmas experience to the customers. The entire design of TED BAKER works because they were able to choose the right mix of colors, which helped them replete the spirit of the season. 


Environ Print is an eco-friendly digital print technology company that offers unique and industry-best innovative packaging designs. Not just limiting themselves to company brochures or marketing collaterals, Environ deals with highly customized print offerings in addition to packaging and labeling. Not just this, but they move steady with the approach of reducing the carbon footprints on the earth.


With people becoming more concerned about the environment, sustainable packaging has become a trend in almost all industries. The way TORY BURCH used the concept of sustainability in its packaging was quite amazing, and through their approach, they proved that with the right approach and thought process, you could create something beyond recyclable. 

The main idea behind the new sustainable packaging of TORY BURCH was to repurpose the packaging as a luxury tote. It was the detailed embossing that made the regular reusable bag into something luxurious and contemporary. While working on an innovative packaging and labeling idea, you can use some new trends and blend them with your concept. 

With the market becoming more concentrated, finding those unique points of differentiation has become more complex, but innovative packaging can serve you during these difficult times. You need to take inspiration from other brands and use it to have your unique packaging.

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