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Interesting Facts about Pests

Many of the insect and animal pest controllers that we deal with on a daily basis have lousy reputations in particular while they may be invading your house, lawn or garden.  Amazingly, however, there are a few very thrilling and terrific facts about these pests that might be fascinating to recognise. Here are just a few of the fun records about your maximum dreaded pest control.


Raccoons – 

A raccoon’s palms are so nimble they could unlace a shoe, unlatch a cage and deftly retrieve cash as thin as dimes from your shirt pest controllers.

Cockroaches – 

A cockroach can stay for up to one week without its head. They also can stay for a month without meals and  weeks without pest control.

Ants – 

Ants can bring 50 times their personal frame weight, and they may paint collectively in small or large corporations to move even heavier objects.

Termites –

When termite squaddies hit upon a hazard, they faucet caution alerts to the colony. Termite workers and squaddies are nearly constantly pest control.

Bats – 

Bats “see”  in the dark using a unique talent referred to as echolocation. Bats make noises and look forward to the sound waves to get better off objects (an echo), if it doesn’t bounce back then they are able to effectively pest controllers. They can tell the distance of various objects by how quick the sound waves get to them.

Squirrels – 

Squirrels can locate meals underneath a foot of pest control.  A squirrel’s front tooth never stops growing.

Groundhogs – 

These expert diggers can move properly over seven hundred kilos of dirt whilst digging their burrow!

Skunks – 

These odorous pest control can spray as much as 12 ft away and almost usually warn the sufferer earlier than spraying with the aid of stomping their feet.

Use Plants as Natural Repellents

Some vegetation are recognized to be properly insect repellents. These provide a green pest controllers management opportunity to conventional chemical techniques. Plant any of these varieties around your house for a herbal remedy to a few commonplace pest control.

  1. Spearmint (for ants, beetles, fleas, moths, and rodents)
  2. Rosemary (for beetles, roaches, flies, slugs, snails, and mosquitoes)
  3. Basil (for flies, beetles, and mosquitoes)
  4. Lavender (for fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and moths)
  5. Chrysanthemum (for ants, bed insects, beetles, roaches, ticks, and fleas)
  6. Catnip (for roaches, ants, and weevils)
  7. Lemongrass (for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and lice)
  8. Pitcher flowers (for beetles, ants, bees, slugs, snails, flies, and wasps)
  9. Venus flytrap (for all bugs)

Knowledge is power so do a little research and research what the most common pest control are for your area and what form of damage or risk they are. pest controllers vary by means of place and special remedies are required for every of them. Proper identification is prime to proper treatment.

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