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Measurements and Conversion Factors Of Pest Control

  • 1 tablespoon = 1/2 (0.50) liquid ounce = 3 teaspoons
  • 1 cup = eight liquid ounces (0.50 pint) = sixteen tablespoons
  • 2 pints = 32 liquid ounces = four cups = 1 quart

Safety Tips From Pest Control

Read and follow all instructions on the pest control box label.

  1. Avoid repeated or prolonged touch of insecticides with the skin and keep away from inhalation of pest controller.
  2. Do not spray insecticide-oil answers near an open flame (gasoline flame pilot lighting fixtures).
  3. Do not threaten contaminating food through treating near food, dishes, meals practice surfaces, or cooking and ingesting utensils.
  4. Triple-rinse, puncture, and well put off empty pest control containers, however pest controller do not now puncture or incinerate aerosol or pressurized spray cans.
  5. Store insecticides of their authentic categorized containers, and in a dry area where they can’t contaminate meals-stuffs or wherein children and pets no longer have entry to them.
  6. After the use of insecticides, usually wash your fingers and face and any other exposed body regions with soapy water.
  7. For further statistics on handling, mixing, and applying insecticides, 

 Prevention and Control Hints

  1. Before making use of pest control, the homeowner can ensure improved pest controller manage with the aid of engaging in the following methods:
  2. Remove room and storage clutter, and clean out storage regions to put off harborages for pests.
  3. Clean up regions that gather grease, food scraps and debris, or other spillage that provides a meals aid.
  4. Eliminate extra, non-used garage containers from attics and garages, and do away with waste grass cuttings and leaves, and lifeless foliage from around the outdoor basis of the house that might in any other case create hiding places for all forms of arthropods and other pest controller animals.
  5. If grain, flour, or cornstarch beetle and moth pest control are determined, locate the infested meals and harborage regions. Inspect cereal boxes and flour containers, spillage on cabinet and pantry cabinets, luggage of beans, dry puppy meals, and spice boxes until the infestation assets are positioned. Dispose of the infested food substances, and freeze remaining, non-infested flour, cereals, and different grain merchandise. Sanitation and smooth-up equals success in reducing or removing those kinds of pest control. A confined software of pest controller also can be beneficial.
  6. Carefully look into newly purchased dried foods for insect infestation, and store those ingredients in tightly sealed glass, plastic, or metallic bins in preference to in fabric or paper sacks, luggage, or bins. When feasible, freezing newly purchased dry foods per week earlier than putting them inside the cupboard may be beneficial.

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