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Jewellery ideas for Men and Women for their Wedding ceremony

A wedding is a big occasion and everyone takes the care to dress well. The bride and groom too dress up in special clothes to take their wedding vows and seal the deal. Their dresses and shoes are on point. Jewellery has been a part of adornments for centuries and a wedding too is one such event where the couple can sport all kinds of jewellery. Not just the wedding rings that they will be exchanging but also pieces that will make them look good. Here are a few jewellery ideas for men and women for their wedding ceremony.



Having a bracelet on your hand is a means of adornment. It makes hands look better, rather than being plain. In some cultures, wearing bangles and bracelets for special ceremonies is a requisite. It’s like wearing that crystal-studded dress that you had bought for your wedding reception and the time to show it off has come. In all Indian weddings, one would see the bride wearing a load of bangles. It adorns the limbs and provides an opportunity to show off those bracelets that you have bought.


Rings are an accessory but also symbols of certain beliefs and values. Religious orders and followers may wear religious rings, or they may be worn for adornment simply. Engaged couples also sport rings to show commitment. So, you can wear rings when you are getting married too. Again, the whole purpose is to decorate yourself and look good. A wedding band or ring can go above the engagement ring, so the couples can keep wearing both. You can get coordinated wedding rings that go with engagement rings by simple searching for popular jewellery destinations such as Wedding Rings Hatton Garden.


A chain is a slim piece of jewellery that goes around the neck. Men and women both can wear these to accessorize. A lab diamond wedding band will go well with the special dress code in a wedding. Brides can wear cute pendants to accessorize and look good on those wedding pictures. The neck looks feminine and nice with the right chain and pendant. Delicate ones add to feminine grace, if that is your style and chunky ones look really good on men, again if that is your style.

Tie clip

A tie clip keeps the tie in place and is usually worn as part of corporate attire or business casuals. However, that in no way means that it can be worn during a wedding ceremony. A lot of attendees wear formal clothing and you will never see anyone in casuals like jeans and sneakers. So, it makes sense to add the tie clip as an accessory for the groom and groomsmen.

Hair clip

Hair clips not only hold the hair in place, but can also be a head accessory. For a wedding, the bride can sport a variety of hair clips or combs. Most of them used on weddings are special, passed down generations to be worn on special occasions. They are elaborate and spectacular, made with precious stones and metals.


Brooches are worn on lapels or on top of dresses. These can be bejewelled and worn at on wedding by the bride and groom. A diamond brooch can be a small piece of jewellery that multiples the aesthetics and yet is tiny enough to not upstage anything else.


Necklaces, usually worn by women are opulent neckpieces. They are heavier than a chain and pendant and is one single piece of jewellery. A lot of craftsmanship goes into creating necklaces and special ones have precious metals and stones. It makes the bride look really prominent and pretty on her big day. You can get great pieces at the best prices with well-known jewellers. For example, you can search for engagement rings Hatton garden or necklaces in London to get a list of jewellers that can help you with this.

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