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A Comprehensive Guide To Cut A Faux Hawk

A hairstyle that portrays the true personality and aura of the rebellious and misfits ones is the Faux Hawk haircut. Popular in the 80s, it is still in trend in almost every demographic.

As this hairstyle is passed through many variations and changes, it has now numerous styles that can be opted by every personality type. Whether you are a kid, a teen or a young person having an unruly mindset, this hairstyle will complement your overall persona.

Here we are briefing the comprehensive guide to cut a perfectly trimmed Faux Hawk haircut or kids Fohawk Haircuts. Follow the steps carefully and understand the tips to get the trendy haircut seamlessly that elevate the outlook and personality of yourself or your kid.

  1. To get the steady cut around the sides of the strip, use the clippers. But before using the clippers, make sure the hair is dry. Wet hair will cause the hair to cut unevenly, and it will obstruct the clippers too.
  2. The strip should be of appropriate size according to the one’s head. To get an idea about the right size of the strips, you can use the centre of a person’s eyes as the guide. To gauge the outer edge of the strip, you can use the flat side of the comb and part the hair with the edge line. Repeat the process on both opposite sides.
  3. You can easily create the whole style with scissors as well. You only have to make sure you keep the length consistent.
  4. For a more rebellious and funkier look, cut the strip using the point cutting method. It will give a more disorderly and spiky touch to the finished hairstyle.
  5. Apply some hair products like hair gel or mousse, as it will make the pointy spikes more visible and textured. You can also use a diffuser or pomade and apply it to the hair. Then it gets styled perfectly. The style will remain set throughout the day, and you can move around without worrying about your hairstyle messing up.

By following these haircutting tips, you can get the front view of having dual length hair; that is shorter on the sides, and a long strip is present in the centre. These two portions of hair are not intentionally blended but only the blending caused by the natural texture and style of the hair. The side profile of this hairstyle possesses the point cut style of the hair to give a more texted look.

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