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Learn About Cultural Cycles and Climate Changes Through Astrology

Have you ever been curious about what will happen to you in the next five years? Will it be a time of joy or sorrow? Will your struggle end or continue? Many of us have checked our zodiac signs in the newspapers.

But, why? Many have developed interests in astrology books and many have a single question, is it real? So many questions, and still, the answer is belief. There are certain important things in the astrology books that are beyond belief and are connected with science.

This blog will discuss the cultural cycles and climate changes with the help of astrology. With the evolution of time and modernization of society, people have developed quite a lot of superstitions and stereotypes about astrology. However, astrology is something that is based on scientific theories.

Cultural changes

The term ‘cultural changes’ is quite self-explanatory. Over time immemorial, people have been in the race of modification of society and the culture they maintain.

The people of a particular culture have always thought of a way in which they can change their perspective and try something new from the other culture. This switch between the cultures is basically known as cultural changes.

Climate change

In today’s world, climate change issues are something that has been the core topic for the last few decades.. People are randomly using nature with absolutely zero return. If you are cutting a tree, you must always plant four trees in return.

Likewise, if you are using something that is harmful to nature, you must always change the item with some of the other ideas into the climate-friendly. After all, you must protect the house that is giving you shelter.

According to the astrology books, there are certain factors that are responsible for climate change. If you go through the astrology books over the time period, you can notice the subtle changes that have occurred from the historical pasts.

The proper timeline of the changes of climate from history and the changes that are happening in the present can be accumulated with the calculations of astrology to know the future outcomes of the climate.

The astrology books have a common maxim that states that everything that is happening with human life has something to do with planetary motions. It has been studied in astrophysics that the planetary motions of the different planets are the reasons for climatic changes.

As for environmental pollution, astrology has nothing to do with it, and it is the sole responsibility of humankind. But the cultural changes and the climatic changes are somehow interlinked with the third factor that is astrology.

Every motion of the earth over time is a result of changes in astrological factors. The changes in climate thus create conjunction between astrology and culture.

The change of a particular climate in a particular place will disturb the equilibrium of the culture. Therefore, there will always be a cultural change in respect to climate change.


There are certain astrology books available in the market that will tell you in detail about the relation between astrology and climate change. Some of them are really very good explainers of cultural cycles and climate change. Climate changes occur due to the influence of different factors, which are again related to astrology.

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