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Learning the Military Alphabets

In the United States, the military alphabet system is known as the ROTC (rumsper), which stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. Since the personnel are required to be trained in the U.S. and therefore it is important to select the right type of military alphabet. This is because it is a common practice to order them from the rank they have graduated from.


The Most Commonly Used

There are different forms of the alphabet but the most commonly used ones are the American and British spellings. The ROTC system is used to help determine whether the person is eligible for promotion or not. When a military service member has reached the required ranks then he/she is required to take an official oath of office in which the alphabet will be used. The ranks are arranged from A to Z. They are further classified into the higher grades like the captain, major, and rear admiral.

The ranks bear a common theme. It starts with the word BDE (Brigadier-General), which signifies that the person is a rear admiral. It continues with the word CNS (Colonel), which denotes that the person is a major in the army. Then there is the word BST (Brigadier-General), which means that the person is a major in the Air Force. This is followed by the word BPO (Business Point Person) who is a representative of the business community and a member of the staff.

Also Used In Other Countries

The military alphabet is also used in other countries apart from the United States. In Canada, for instance, the Air Force, Army and the Navy are differentiated according to their ranks. For example, in the Army, a person is awarded the title of colonel if he/she has served for ten years or more. If the person is a senior officer, he/she is given the title of vice-chief of the army. This is the same format used in other branches of the military too where the general designation precedes the rank.

The military alphabet is used in the United States Navy, Army, Air Force, and the Marines as well. In fact, in the Marine Corps, the rank only changes when a commission is added or an oath is taken. However, when it comes to the Air Force, an officer’s rank changes depending on whether he/she is a general or a specialist. He/She does not receive an official promotion when he is promoted to a higher rank than the one he started with. The same holds true for the Navy and the Coast Guard.

Wear The Military Alphabet

However, in the United States, the officers of the armed forces are allowed to wear the military alphabet on their hats while at work. It is considered a form of non-professionalism by some, but in reality, this helps them to differentiate themselves from other personnel. In addition, wearing the military alphabet on their cap is a symbol of respect and it gives them a professional edge as they know that others will also be able to recognize them. Also, it helps them to blend in with the surroundings.

Although the United States military has its own alphabet system, most countries have adapted theirs as well. For example, the British use the “BA” for their army officers, and the Australian army use the “AO” for its air force. Canada uses the “C” for its coast guard. Most nations have adopted ranks based on the branch of service they belong to. In the United States military, the ranks order is designed to follow the chronological order of the name, rather than the alphabetical order.

Necessary To Memorize

In order to follow the alphabetical order of the ranks, it is necessary to memorize the entire list of names. This can take many hours to do. Therefore, many officers have written shortlists of short words that they use most often. These words are used in place of the military alphabetical letters. This makes the process of learning new words much easier for those who are studying the language.

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