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Stress free forms of learning.

Research says, that the students enrolling in schools and colleges practicing online teaching are facing  very little stress as compared to the traditional learning environments. E-learning is emerging as the  most appropriate technology and technique in the field of education. Millions of students and teachers  are learning with the phenomenon of online teaching. Online learners enjoy learning in a different  environment suitable as compared to high stressed traditional forms of learning or physical classroom  learning. The practices and procedures make learning complex in physical classrooms. Making files,  projects, maintaining notebooks of all subjects get difficult to manage. Senior classes suffer more  burden because of the complexity of the subjects too. This develops a poor and monotonous learning  environment for everybody. Though the usual schools and college time is from seven or eight am in the  morning but students have to wake one or two hours before this. They get free till the afternoon time.  This causes a lot of fatigue and tiredness in them. After completing homework, attending tuitions, and  self-study also need to be done. Among all these students get very little time for themselves and the  activities or hobbies they like to perform. Students are overburdened and their self–time is also  obstructed. There are many other encumbers as well which make learning complex via old and  traditional practiced methods. As per many surveys and research all across the globe, thousands of  college students pursuing online degree courses feel relaxed and less burdened. They have fewer  chances of movement and displacement and hence feel elated and boosted. Many students living in  States or places where good colleges and institutions are not available, have to travel and live at other  places to receive an education. This process is not as simple as it sounds. A lot of travel expenditure goes  into it. Buying plane or train tickets add more to the overall budget. Luggage and essentials are  transported or shipped to the required place. There are high commuting costs. Paying guests, private  hostels, or government hostels, everything required money. Parents have to spend a lot to get their  children settled at a particular place for learning. Other than expenditure, students also go through a lot  of emotional and social disturbances and pressure. Living in a new place s not an easy task. Students go  through a lot is emotional ups and downs. Social changes, the addition of new people, staying away  from your close ones is complex to perform. The ones who manage this with the support of their  families are quite privileged. But we also know that we live in Indian society. Here, after being in the  twenty-first century, people have the stereotypical mindset. They believe in society created stereotypes  and prejudices. These stereotypes make the education process difficult to achieve for several learners.  Parents don’t send their children to another place for getting a higher education and hence such  students face deprivation. Online teaching appears as a savior for all such students spread across the  world. Such students can attend colleges virtually by living anywhere in the world. All they need is  the knowledge on how to teach online, online classes, and a good network. This reduces the burden as well as stress level of both  parents and their children.  

Online classes have made learning very easy, fun, and quick for everybody. It provides tremendous storage facilities. Learning, storing the data, important information, and syllabus is also not at all  difficult. Writing everything in the notebooks is not a necessity anymore. There are very few printing  costs done. The information can be accessed, studied, and stored on our mobile phones, computers,  laptops, or any other network device through a particular educational app. All the important stuff,  notices, college or school data, and every content of importance can be retrieved online. Students can  send their work by clicking pictures of it or making presentations and pdfs. Hard copy submission is not  required. This helps students a lot in their learning process. Online education apps also provide a lot of

other content to practice other than textbooks. This vast your learning and also increases the proficiency  level of study among students. Several countries and colleges have completely become digital. They are  doing all the courses digitally via an online teaching platform. This is bringing a good chance in the  educational field. Education technology is growing at a very good pace. Others are still adopting and  trying to get familiar with this digital learning. This way online teaching is trying its best to provide stress  and burden-free education to students. The process will keep on improving in the coming future as well  which means teachers and students will be able to access more simpler and interesting forms for  education.  

By: Simran Sabharwal.

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