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Love of People Towards Audio Social Applications

If you consider the timeline of social platforms, a particular form of content has dominated for a time period. Now, it is time for the audio content. Marketers who said that video content is the future of social media marketing have started to reconsider their statement. MIT has published an article stating that audio content is the future of social platforms. It is anticipated that audio content will be consumed hugely in the coming times. Currently, many new audio social applications are booming on both the play store and app store. In this article, I’m going to shed light on the rise of these new social applications. 


Why People Started Preferring Audio Content:

The consumption of audio content has started seeing a massive surge in recent times. One crucial factor that has to be taken into consideration in terms of audio content is that it is more comfortable to consume than visual content. People spend a significant part of their daily time working on their laptops which in turn causes them eye strain. A recent survey from LinkedIn has stated that nearly 65% of the corporate workforce are working more than their usual office hours during work from home due to the pandemic. So, they have no choice other than to minimize the time they spend on social platforms. After the advent of audio social applications, people wear earphones and consume content in their leisure time. Trollishly, a digital marketing firm has blogs on the reason behind people giving preference to the audio content.

The Arrival of Clubhouse: 

Clubhouse is the name that is commonly heard for the past two months. It is pretty different from all the social applications that have been launched till date. It is a complete audio-centric social application. This social application is breaking many records. Though the platform was launched already to IOS in April 2020, it was rolled out on Android phones in May 2021. It is a commonly known fact that Android users are far higher when compared to IOS users. Once people came to know that Clubhouse was introduced on Android, they rushed to the Play Store to download it. Currently, this social application has been downloaded over 3 million times on Android phones.

It is pertinent to mention that Clubhouse has achieved this mark within the duration of two months. Currently, many B2C brands have started to craft strategies to promote them in the Clubhouse. So, we can expect paid services for Clubhouse in the coming times as there are buy tiktok likes and views packages to do promotions on TikTok. The platform gives complete freedom to the users in customizing what should appear in their feed. The live audio-chat social platform will bring rooms to your feed that matches your interest. The social platform will provide you a list from which you can choose your interests ranging from Angel Investing, Marketing to Venture Capital and Products.

Twitter Spaces:

After seeing the sudden boom of the audio content, Twitter immediately launched its live audio-chat feature, ‘Twitter Spaces.’ The feature can be utilized to discuss the topics of your choice in real-time. After the launch of this feature, the time people spend on Twitter has also increased consistently. This explains the love of people towards audio content. Usually, Twitter is a place of keyboard warriors where people discuss various global happenings such as politics, sports, science, and technology. The advent of this live audio-chat feature has benefitted them primarily as they don’t have to spend their time typing their opinions. Thus, the comfort provided by these audio-based features is a significant reason behind people choosing them. If you want to craft content to promote your brand on Twitter, you can make use of Trollishly which is famous for packages for buy tiktok likes. It can deliver you the content that will work well to generate quality leads.

Wrapping Up:

On seeing the increase in the consumption of the audio-content, many such new applications are getting introduced on the play store in recent times. Amazon’s Audible is also witnessing a rise in its subscriptions in recent times. Through this, it is evident that people prefer audio content over other forms. If you are a social media marketer, scrutinize these platforms as they are going to grow into a potential medium for lead generation.

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