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Mikhail Dvornikov – real estate ratings

Mikhail Dvornikov talks about trends in global real estate markets, real estate ratings, rising real estate prices, real estate alternative, real estate exchange, real estate ipio, real estate new strategy, what real estate is best to invest in, the best real estate in the world, where the best real estate, what income from real estate.  Mikhail Dvornikov (Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov) expert in real estate since 1992.

Real estate ratings can be different and differ from each other: residential and suburban real estate ratings; ratings of cottage towns and villages; ratings of new buildings, and there can be ratings of residential and suburban real estate developers.

Real estate ratings are based on different parameters.

Floors, readiness, cost per square meter, and wall material are important to buyers of residential real estate and apartments in new buildings.

Land size, number of homes, the remoteness from the city limits, readiness, cost, ecology, transport accessibility, infrastructure – these criteria are important for buyers of countryside real estate and cottage towns.

But the most important factor that affects the decision to buy real estate is the availability of permits and town planning documents: land titles, rights to perform construction work, documents for connecting to utilities: water, electricity, gas.

Comfortable living environment is important for future tenants. They care about the class of real estate: comfort, economy or business.

According to the rating it can be either cheap or expensive real estate. It can be built and sold by both reliable and unreliable or unscrupulous developers or developers.

These can be ratings of cheap and expensive housing, both in the primary and secondary market.

And real estate market indicators can be based on different factors that affect the ranking and getting into the TOP-3, TOP-5, TOP-10 best or worst new buildings, cottage estates, developers.

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