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OSRS – Shield of Arrav Guide

Let’s embark on a quest to retrieve the Shield of Arrav for the Varrock Museum.

Here we are going to be looking into the Shield of Arrav in Old School Runescape. This quest takes you on a journey to track down a lost shield. It is a novice quest, so you shouldn’t have to worry about having to find OSRS gold for sale to help you.


Even though the quest is at novice difficulty, there is still certain requirements that you need to meet. For starters, you’ll need to be able to find another player that you trust to join you. There’s also 20 OSRS gold needed and two phoenix crossbows.

Starting the Shield of Arrav Quest

To kick off the Shield of Arrav quest, go to the library in Varrock Palace and speak with Reldo. Take a look at the bookcase to find a book that’s bright blue. Read the book then speak with Reldo once more.

Phoenix Gang

From here, you’re going to have to decide on whether you’re going to side with the Phoenix or Black Arm Gang. For the Phoenix Gang, you start out by speaking with Baraek, who’s trading fur in Varrock Square. Enquire here about the Phoenix Gang, after which you’ll be going to the gang’s hideout. This is found in Varrock, just head south-east until you reach the building in the corner. There should be a ladder that leads down into a basement here. If you can’t find the building, then look to the west of the Mage of Zamorak altar to find your destination.

When you reach the right place, speak with Straven. You’re going to need to fetch an intel report, so head to the Blue Moon Inn over in Varrock. Take out Jonny the beard to get the report, then take it back to Straven when you’ve got it. Doing so will make you a part of the Phoenix Gang. Next, go to the south-western corner in the hideout. There will be a chest here, so open it up to get half of the Shield of Arrav. Go to your partner at this point and trade the Weapon store key with them.

Black Arm Gang

If you’ve chosen the Black Arm Gang for the half of the shield, you’ll need to find Charlie the Tramp by Varrock’s southern entrance and speak with him. Then, head down the alleyway to get into the Black Arm Gang’s hideout. Once there, speak with Katrine, after which you’ll then trade your partner to get a weapon store key.

Head out towards the south-east of Varrock and find a small room that has a ladder in it. This will be found connected to the chaos altar building to the west. Use the key that we received earlier then head on up the ladder. Once up there, you have a choice. You can either kill the weaponsmaster here, or you can use the telekinetic grab technique to get the two Phoenix crossbows that we need. Whichever way you decide to acquire them, head back to Katrine.

This will confirm you as a member of the Black Arm Gang. Next, we can head upstairs to find the other half of the shield. This is a precious museum piece remember, so no need to buy OSRS gold to get your own, and since it’s a quest item it isn’t likely to be an OSRS item for sale.

Upstairs in the cupboard by the stairs is the other half of the Shield of Arrav. With your half of the shield, go to Varrock Museum and talk to Curator Haig Halen. Go to your partner and trade your half of the certificate that you get with them. With each half, put them together to get the completed certificate. You can now finish the quest by handing the certificate to King Roald in the castle.

Shield of Arrav Quest Rewards

For completing this quest, you’ll receive 600 OSRS GP, as well as a quest point. Not only that, but you will also receive 5 Kudos. With this form of currency, you can claim it in Varrock Museum by speaking to Historian Minas.

And so, the quest is over, and we have restored the Shield of Arrav to its rightful owner. The quest itself isn’t the longest, but it will still take a little bit of preparation. Not enough to worry about your OSRS gold, but there’s something you need that gold won’t buy. A partner or friend that you can trust is pivotal for this quest. You are going to be working together to reach the goal at the end of the quest, meaning you should find someone that you can really rely on if you are going to succeed.

Have you completed this OSRS Shield of Arrav quest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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