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WoW TBC – An Introduction to The Elemental Shaman

Here’s the facts that you need about The Burning Crusade’s Elemental Shaman.

The Elemental Shaman is a great choice of approach for players to go with in WoW TBC. Whether you are earning TBC gold or searching the lands for the best TBC items, you can go far with the Shaman. That said, it does have certain limitations to it as well. We’re going to take a closer look at what there is for you to gain from playing as the Elemental Shaman in The Burning Crusade.

What’s New?

There has been some changes to the Elemental Shaman DPS in TBC. It won’t affect the amount of WoW TBC gold that you have, but there is some notable changes. Firstly, we have the Elemental Focus, which will now have reduced mana cost for your upcoming two damage spells by 40% if it takes place after you perform a critical strike. Normally, you would have a 10% of your following spell cast being free to use.

Meanwhile, Lightning Mastery now only cuts down cast times by half a second instead of one second. Call of Thunder has also had it’s spell crit reduced down to 5%. Both of these are in the case of them being at maximum investment as well. You can now also cast both Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt faster than you could in Classic, and you can instantly cast Ghost Wolf if you have Improved Ghost Wolf.

Pros and Cons

Still undecided as to whether you should be using the Elemental Shaman? Then perhaps a closer look at the positives and negatives might help. Kicking off with the pros, a great aspect of the Elemental Shaman is that you don’t really need to waste TBC Classic gold on getting the best gear. Thanks to the talents that they Shaman have, you can deal out a lot of damage even when your gear is in the lower levels.

Perhaps the best aspect of the Elemental Shaman is the role that it plays as a utility resource. It has a whole choice of totems that have many benefits to you. Windfury, Grace of Air and Strength of Earth can all be beneficial to you as far as melee is concerned. You’ll also be able to set up your raid groups around the Totem of Wrath and Wrath of Air Totem. The utility advantages come from tools including the Earth Shield, Purge, Tranquil Air Totem and the Earthbind Totem. There’s also the Tremor Totem and Grounding Totem that are greatly effective.

That said, even though you can deal damage with lower-level gear, the secondary stats will begin to fall away as you progress because of the starting secondary stats that the Elemental Shaman has. More importantly, it doesn’t have the best survivability in PvP situations. You are more than likely to find better defensive options elsewhere in this instance. It has heavy reliance on mana too, which means that if you find yourself in a lengthy battle, you’ll soon find it depleted. Without a decent amount of mana at your disposal, you are going to struggle to dish out the damage that you are used to. In fact, it’s going to plummet significantly.

Best Races and Professions

For the race that you choose, you are going to be limited as an Alliance player. The Draenei is your choice here, but the Horde players aren’t quite so restricted. If you want to focus on PvE, then there’s a couple of great options. Firstly, the best is arguably the Troll, but you also have the Orc which is effective in both PvP and PvE. Should you want an alternative for the PvP approach, then choose the Tauren.

As for your professions, we usually look into these to see which will stop us from having to buy TBC gold, and which will give us the best TBC items. However, there are a couple of choices of profession that can be useful for the Elemental Shaman. By focusing on Leatherworking, you can rely on the Drums of Battle to give you and your group a hefty Haste buff. There’s also the Blessing of Protection gear that you can craft that works really well with the Shaman. Another choice would be Tailoring, but you’re best sticking with Leatherworking since it’s similar with the added advantage of the Drums of Battle.

Enchanting will give you the option to disenchant any items that you don’t want to use to make WoW TBC Classic gold. However, you can also use the Enchant Ring – Spellpower to help gain some more damage.

No need to worry about having to buy WoW TBC accounts here, since you have the knowledge now to head out and make the very best of the Elemental Shaman, and everything that it has to offer in The Burning Crusade.

Will you be choosing the WoW TBC Elemental Shaman? Let us know in the comments section below!

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