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Over the Counter Genital Herpes Treatment

Thankfully, there are a number of over the counter genital herpes treatments that can give you the relief you need. These products can include topical medications, at-home DIY remedies, and prescription medications. While they may not be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs, they can still be an excellent option for relieving sores.

In order to effectively treat genital herpes, it’s necessary to start an antiviral medication as soon as symptoms develop. Taking antiviral medication can reduce outbreak severity and duration and help prevent future outbreaks. In addition, these medications can be taken regularly to help prevent recurrences of the outbreaks.

Taking a pill or an oral medication can also reduce the frequency of outbreaks. Some of these products have been proven to decrease outbreak frequency by up to 75%. In some cases, they can even prevent outbreaks altogether. Regardless of how you treat your outbreaks, it’s important to reduce stress and keep your genital area dry. If you have an outbreak, avoid touching or rubbing the area. Using a warm compress is a good idea as well.

There are three main types of herpes medications on the market. Those with genital herpes can take acyclovir, a popular drug, to reduce the intensity of symptoms. It’s important to note that the severity of symptoms varies according to the location of the outbreak. Oftentimes, an outbreak lasts just three to seven days. Shop supplements for herpes now.

Acyclovir is an over-the-counter genital herpes treatment that can help reduce outbreaks. This medication works by stopping the virus from reproducing in the body. While it doesn’t completely cure herpes, most people experience relief in just a few days of using it. Another FDA-approved genital herpes treatment is valacyclovir, which can also reduce outbreak duration by interfering with the DNA of the herpes virus. This medication can be used less often than acyclovir.

While the virus itself isn’t dangerous or deadly, many people with the disease may feel afraid to have sexual intercourse. It’s best to discuss your treatment options with your healthcare provider before you start having sex with a partner to reduce your risk of infection and to reduce the spread of herpes to others. Get Genital Herpes cure from Herpecillin.

If you’re infected with herpes, your healthcare provider can diagnose it by looking at your sores. The healthcare provider may also take a sample of your sore and analyze it in the lab. A repeat test may be necessary in eight to 12 weeks.

Taking a daily antiviral medication can reduce outbreaks and prevent them from recurring. These medications can also help reduce the chances of spreading herpes to others. Self-care measures can also be beneficial. For example, you should wash your hands thoroughly after touching your sores. In addition, you should buy a new toothbrush, wear lip balm, and limit stress.

While there are no over the counter treatments available for herpes, antiviral drugs have been developed for people with the disease. Antiviral drugs are effective in the treatment of herpes symptoms, but some people are more susceptible than others. If your symptoms are severe, talk to your doctor and discuss treatment options. You can also visit a local sexual health clinic for counseling.

If you’re experiencing herpes, you should consider treating the outbreaks as quickly as possible. Many products on the market contain antiviral medicines that reduce the amount of virus shed, reducing the severity and frequency of outbreaks. While this doesn’t guarantee herpes cure, it can greatly reduce the amount of herpes outbreaks you experience. You may even decide to stop treatment for 6 months and resume it again if it recurs. Over-the-counter medications for herpes can also reduce the pain and speed up the recovery process. These medications include topical numbing agents and oral pain relievers. Abreva, a cream approved by the FDA, has antiviral properties and can be applied to the affected area. Despite their effectiveness, these creams can delay the healing process and irritate the area.

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