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Are Soundcore Eyeglasses Worth Buying?

The eyewear industry is a growing market. It is because of the increasing number of people needing vision correction. Our eyes are like cameras that need to be adjusted to focus on objects near or far. Errors with focusing are known refractive errors which blur vision. These include farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Each of these errors necessitates a different pair of glasses, prescribed by doctors and thus referred to as prescription glasses.

Furthermore, many people do not wear glasses for vision correction but use them as a fashion accessory. They feel that it makes them look smart and completes their look. Though using eyeglasses to accessorize may seem silly to some. But fashion is not meant to make sense.

Do you want to correct your vision or want fake glasses as a fashion statement? It is challenging to find the ideal pair of glasses for your needs. Soundcore, therefore, makes your search for eyeglasses easier. 

What makes Soundcore Eyeglasses worth buying is what you must be thinking. Here are a few features that distinguish it from other eyeglasses brands.


1. Audio features:

What could be better than glasses that let you listen to your favorite music? Soundcore Eyeglasses frames are equipped with four speakers, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while remaining alert to your surroundings. The open-ear sound experience delivers sound to the area surrounding the ear and thus does not need earphones separately.

2. Calling features: 

In an emergency, you can answer the phone with your glasses. A simple tap on the audio temple on the frame helps to answer the calls. It has dual microphones that eliminate background noise and transmit your voice clearly to the other end. It has an automatic privacy mode that prevents people around you from listening in on the call.

3. Longer playtime:

Are you wondering how long this audio feature works? It has 5.5 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. It enables you to take long trips, hikes, and errands without worrying about charging it again.

4. Lightweight frames:

Comfortable glasses are essential for people who must wear glasses 24 hours a day. Soundcore has flexible hinges that allow it to fit a wide range of faces. These smart glasses are light in weight which makes them comfortable to wear. 

5. Frame size:

Frame Width: 144mm, Lens Width: 53mm, Bridge Width: 22mm, Temple Length: 140mm. Moreover, Soundcore’s app includes a virtual try-on option to assist you in deciding.

6. Interchangeable frames:

It might get boring to wear the same glasses every day. For this, Soundcore Cafe style and Promenade style offer interchangeable glasses. It allows easy mixing and matching according to your style and occasion. You could switch out a new frame of choice by conveniently removing the existing one from the quick-release hinges. The wide range allows you to select a detachable frame and can help you switch between polarized sunglasses and blue-light filtering designs whenever you like.

7. Blue light filtering lenses:

Owing to the increase in screen time, a blue light filtering lens that blocks up to 32% of the light and protects against eye strain is required. The Cafe style and Promenade style Soundcore glasses offer this feature.

8. Prescription glasses:

Soundcore allows you to choose your frame and then add the prescription to have glasses with distance correction. 

The Bottom line:

Although vision correction is necessary, eyeglasses also serve as fashion statements. A variety of eyeglasses with audio features are available from Soundcore. These new-era eyewear items make life more convenient, easy, and fashionable in addition to being comfortable.

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