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Are Sunglasses with Speakers Worth It?

Suppose you are chilling at the beach on your sunbathing chair until you realize that you have forgotten your earphones at home. What you thought to be a relaxing session where you lay down in tranquility is now a boisterous one, with the people becoming as rowdy and annoying as they can. If you had the Soundcore Audio Eyeglasses, you would not have to go through all of that.


1. Designs

We at Soundcore are pleased to offer you audio eyewear, including sunglasses and eyeglasses, in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You can purchase separate frames and choose any design you want to wear, depending on your mood. Because they are directly attached to the audio temples, they are simple to attach and remove.

2. Indoor and Outdoor

If you are out in the sun, you can put on the polarized sunglasses frame, while indoors, you can switch to blue light filter glasses. The best thing about these glasses is that you can also get distance-correcting prescription glasses. The spherical power range is from -0.50 to -8.00, while the cylinder power range is from -0.50 to -2.00.

3. Speakers with audio glassesĀ 

These Soundcore audio glasses have four speakers attached to the frames along with an audio processor to deliver sound to the spaces around your ears. Hence, the sound you hear is clear and enveloping. You can use this to listen to your preferred music or podcasts while on the go. You can select from any of the seven surround sound levels, with level 1 representing the front row at the performance and level 7 representing the center of the arena. 

Moreover, the eyeglasses bear exemplary voice recognition, with the local voice assistant adhering to your commands, like pausing music or answering a call. You do not need to be connected to the internet to use this feature; it is all built-in, making it better.

4. Make a Call with themĀ 

Answering calls has never been easier; tap the audio temple to do so. The dual microphone feature picks up your voice, while background noises are eliminated and ignored. In addition to this, the eyeglasses are automatically put into Privacy Mode when you are on a call. It ensures that the speakers keep the volume low enough so that only you hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying. It ensures that no one can overhear your conversation and that your call is completely private.

5. Considerable Battery Health

The Soundcore audio glasses come equipped with a charging cable that helps to charge the audio temples up to 5 and a half hours before the battery dies, enough to keep up with you while you do chores, ride to work, or even if you are out on a hike or run. The extra charge facility allows you to charge the eyeglasses for 10 minutes when the battery is low. With an additional 90 minutes of usage, you can conveniently finish your work or run.

6. Flexible and AdaptableĀ 

The flexibility of the frames and hinges ensures that they fit almost every face without much difficulty. You can also try them on virtually via the Soundcore app to see how each frame would look on you. Moreover, due to them being lightweight, they are the perfect glasses to take out while adventuring.

7. Water Resistance

The Soundcore audio glasses contain the IPX-4 water resistance feature that helps protect the frames in the rain or due to a mistaken water spill. The TR-90 is a lightweight and durable polymer that does not harm your skin and keeps it comfortable. As a result, they are wearable even in the worst circumstances.


Hence, you require Soundcore audio eyewear in your daily life. They provide the ideal company while you’re at work or on vacation and let you see clearly. Never miss a call again, and stay current on the latest world news with Soundcore Audio Eyeglasses.

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