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Fun in the Sun on a Pontoon Boat

Destin, Florida, is a vacation wonderland. Vacationers enjoy warm weather, beaches, and activities galore while visiting any time of year. Many families also enjoy spending the day together on a pontoon boat. Everyone can find something to enjoy while out on a pontoon boat, including sunbathing, swimming, eating, or fishing.

Pontoon Boat

A pontoon boat uses a large, rectangular, flat deck on top of two or three metal tubes, called pontoons. The pontoons ensure that the craft floats. The decks on the pontoon boats have different amenities, such as bars, sun pads, lounge areas, and various seating arrangements.

The pontoon boat used to be a simple floating platform, but now it is one of America’s favorite leisure boats. Pontoon boats have an “all-inclusive resort” feel. These boats are unmatched in comfort and versatility.

Exploring Destin

Groups of up to 12 can rent pontoon boats, so they are perfect for the entire family. Spending the day on the water is a great tradition to begin now and continue for years to come.

Renters can cruise around in the boat, spend time at Crab Island, fish, or swim while enjoying a day on the water. When guests arrive, the concierge will help them take all their belongings, including coolers, to load the pontoon boat.

The pontoon boats have a sunshade to protect everyone from the sun, but renters may still want to bring sunscreen. After returning to the dock, the concierge will help collect any trash and carry belongings back to the cars. It’s great service.

Boating License

To pilot a boat in Florida, guests must either be 18 years old and have a NASBLA Certified Boaters License or be born before 1987. Potential boaters can take a temporary Florida boater’s license test that will be valid for one year from the date they pass the test.

Fishing License

Florida waters are loaded with a variety of fish. Guests who want to go fishing off the pontoon boat will need to obtain a fishing license. In the state of Florida, vacationers can obtain a fishing license online. There are bait and tackle shops close by the launch location. Fishermen who need rods, reels, and bait can purchase or rent them there.

Perfect for Multi-Generational Parties

Pontoon boats are big enough for the whole family, which can be great for families traveling with a large group. Finding an activity that grandparents, teenagers, and young kids all like can be challenging. Pontoon boats, though, are easy and fun for everyone.

For families who want to celebrate a birthday or another event, a pontoon boat can be a perfect solution. Families can easily bring coolers with favorite foods, drinks, and presents since there is a lot of storage space on a pontoon boat.

At the end of the day, rest assured that renting a pontoon boat will provide you with a great family adventure that everyone is sure to remember. There are plenty of rentals available in sunny Destin, Florida.

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