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Preparing for Emergencies When You Are On the Road

No one ever wants to run into an emergency when on the road or on a road trip. For many the thought of breaking down or being stranded is best left for movies or television shows. While some say ignorance is bliss there are a lot of people who work under the motto, “be prepared”. While no one wants to think that they will be in an emergency, here are the top five items to keep in your car for emergency situations. 

  1. Spare Tire and Tools

One of the most common reasons why cars end up out of commission on trips is the flat tire. The easiest way to keep from being stranded is to make sure that you not only have a spare tire, but that it is also properly inflated before any big trips. It is also important to have the following tools available:

  • Car jack
  • Tire Iron
  • Multi tool
  • Basic tool set
  1. Jumper Cables or Portable Jump Starter

Nothing can be more frustrating than a dead battery one morning on a camping trip or after you stop to stretch during a long road trip. To help combat the dreaded dead battery make sure that you either have a pair of jumper cables in your car, or better yet a portable Jump Starter. Portable jump starters enable you to get your car running again without the assistance of another motorist. Furthermore, many offer the ability to be used as emergency power banks if required.

  1. First Aid Kits

Being in even a small accident can cause injuries. Larger accidents can cause serious, and in some instances life threatening injuries. Keeping a first aid kit in your car can help you if someone gets hurt in an accident or while you are out adventuring. Common items that should be in a first aid kit include:

  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Disinfectants
  • Tweezers

The following items while uncommon can be life savers if there is a drastic accident on the road or out on the adventure trail. These items include:

  • Tourniquets
  • EpiPen
  • Medications
  1. Warm Blanket or Sleeping Bag

It is recommended that travelers keep a warm blanket in their vehicle in case they ever happen to be stranded or need to stop overnight. While many think a small blanket will do the trick, they find themselves regretting that decision during a cold night. Getting a warm blanket or sleeping bag is highly recommended. For those who are conscious of space think about the following options:

  • Emergency blanket
  • Travel blanket
  • Backpacking sleeping bag

Remember, it is better to have something and not need it then to need it and not have it. 

  1.  Flashlights

Car emergencies that happen at night often leave people frustrated because they aren’t able to see anything when they are outside of a city where we often have many sources of light. While a cell phone flashlight can work in a pinch it is best to have a high-quality flashlight that is capable of great illumination stored in your vehicle. This can help illuminate areas that you may need to work on, show potential problems or help someone find you if the emergency is grave enough. 

Idaho Falls Towing Companies

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are stranded without some of the items listed above or are in a situation where your car is stuck or won’t start don’t hesitate to call Idaho Falls Towing Companies. They can help you in an emergency, getting both you and your car back on the road in no time. 

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