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Professional Water Heater Installation: What You Can Expect

There are certain things you should never DIY, and installing your water heater is one of them. When getting a professional water heater installation, the technician will go through several steps with you that you should be aware of before the appointment.


Professional Water Heater Installation: What You Can Expect

1. The Consultation

You can have your consultation in person or on the phone. A licensed, insured Reliable Basement and Drain technician will evaluate information about your existing unit and learn about what kind of new water heater will suit you best.

They need to know how much space you have, your budget, and how much water you use. They also need to know about the size of the existing heater, where it is, whether it has a tank or not and whether it runs onĀ electricity or gas.

2. The Preparation

You’ll need to prepare your home and the area for your appointment. Ideally, take a picture of your vents, connection points, electrical outlets, and all surrounding areas to send to your service provider. This will help them begin their work with efficiency. You should also remove clutter, debris, and dirt from the installation area. Giving the area a thorough cleaning before the technician arrives is best.

Finally, make sure any pets or small children are safely in another room so your technician can get from the front door to the installation point easily and without distraction. After any renovation work or construction work, you can also hire a Miami apartment cleaning service. It will make the work easier for you and you can rely on them for cleaning your space.

3. The Installation

You’ll typically get a call on our before your appointment time to let you know your technician is on the way. Once your technician arrives, they’ll do a walk-through of the process with you to ensure you’re still on board with it. Now they’ll spend the next few hours installing your new tank. Let’s discuss how long that may take.

Tank to Tank

It doesn’t take too long to replace a water heater with a new one that’s a similar model to the old one. It takes around an hour to drain the old one. Uninstalling it will take around half an hour, then the installation of the new unit will take around an hour.

Tank to Tankless

Switching to a tankless design takes a little longer. Your technician will need extra time to install new water lines, air vents, and new power.

Tankless to Tankless

Tankless to tankless installations are relatively easy. They take around 1 to 3 hours to do depending on several factors relating to your old and new units.

4. The Post-Installation

After your technician installs your new unit, they’ll clean up the area of any mess they created while doing the job. Next, they’ll give you information on how best to maintain the heater. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about maintenance or anything else that comes up regarding your heater.

Getting your heater installed is generally a simple process when it’s done by a trained professional. There’ll be minimal disruption in your house, and usually, the installation won’t take more than a single appointment unless something goes wrong. You’ll be very happy with the entire process and your new heater once it’s installed.

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