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Prosapient 10m Series Smedvig, ProSapient raises $10m in Series A round led by Smedvig

In a Series A round led by Smedvig, the research platform leveraging experts, proSapient has raised $10 million to expand its footprint and hire more talent.

Key Takes:

  • The company raised $10 million in a Series A round led by Smedvig Capital
  • ProSapient is already successful in Europe and the US and the funding will help them expand internationally
  • Smedvig Capital is one of the lead investors, along with 24 Haymarket and angel investor Guy Hands
  • The company has raised over $12.6 million to date from 5 investors in 2 rounds
  • ProSapient aims to be a leading primary research platform for the private equity and consulting sectors

Ever since Covid-19 hit, the need for experts online was more than ever. Even before the pandemic, there was this huge debate on how to leverage the “big brains” online, or how can we leverage experts on the internet. [proSapient 10M Series Smedvig]

Now that the world has gotten used to this work-from-home, or remote-work culture, the need for “experts” on the internet is rising at an alarming rate. What’s required to make this a reality is that we need a centralized and secure system and a network of experts. There are much big fish in this niche, namely, Third Bridge, Guidepoint, Alpasights, etc. 

One of those research platforms is proSapient. On January 18, 2021, proSapient announced that the research platform has bagged a $10 million series A round led by Smedvig Capital. Along with the leading investors, 24 of the existing investors also participated in the round, along with the angel investor Guy Hands.

What proSapient does is have a network of experts and provides SaaS services, but the advanced version. For instance, the focus of the platform is to gather data from investors and consultants, for research. 

When the data is gathered, clients and experts are matched based on their preferences, and different insights are shared, whether via transcripts, video calls, or even in person. You can also launch surveys, and conduct different mini-projects within the platform under the supervision of experts. proSapient also allows everyone to collaborate on different projects within its platform. 

proSapient is running successfully across Europe and the United States. This fresh $10 million funding will further allow them to expand internationally and cover more grounds. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised over $12.6 million to date from a total of five investors. The investment was raised in a total of two rounds; 24 Haymarket and Smedvig Capital are the lead investors behind proSapient. [proSapient 10M Series Smedvig]

proSapient on this Funding

proSapient on this Funding
Image Source: Margo Polishchuk (left) [TechCrunch]

“This funding round will facilitate our strategic objective of being a leading primary research platform for the private equity and consulting sectors,” stated Margo Polishchuk

“We’re excited to be working with Margo and Jordan to continue their impressive growth and international expansion. They have a great team, strong market position, and a clear vision of where the business is going,” managing director of Smedvig Capital, Rob Toms. [proSapient 10M Series Smedvig]

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