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Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy: A Yearly Timeline

Your pet is an extension of your family and deserves all the love, attention, and care you can muster. Part of that care must include healthcare. The good news is that a few simple and even budget-friendly tasks that can be taken either daily or regularly throughout the year can help keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible. Preventative care makes a huge difference, and with this timeline, you’ll be able to ramp up your pet’s healthcare routine in no time: 


Daily Health Tips 

Feed your pet good food that’s nutritious and at the right volume. If they’re overweight, it’s time to restrict their diet to help them get down to a better weight. Your pet will also need daily exercise and mental stimulation. Sometimes those last two are the same. Other times they won’t be. Get toys, puzzles, and other entertainment for when your pet gets bored at home, so they have a healthy outlet. Ideally, you’ll also clean your pet’s teeth on a daily basis

Monthly Health Tips 

There are several things that you should do on a monthly basis. The first is to give them their flea prevention medication that works to both kill any potential parasites and also protect them for the month. Grooming is another important factor to take into consideration. You should, for example, trim your dog’s nails every three weeks to a month to keep them from becoming overgrown. If your pet’s nails seem to grow faster than that, then trim them every two weeks or even every week. 

Bonus: Deworming and parasite prevention medication is usually taken once every three months. 

Yearly Health Tips 

You should book in a visit to the vet at a minimum of once per year. This is so that your pet can be given their vaccine boosters, have their health checked over, and any issues addressed. This regular care is paramount to stop preventable conditions from occurring in the first place. Choosing a trustworthy vet that offers everything you need, like Services to look for include routine checkups all the way to dental care, nutritional counseling, and surgery services. If you can get your pet into the same vet every time, you’ll make them feel calmer at the vet since they recognize the place, the smells, and the people there. 

Emergency Vet Visits 

When there’s an issue with your pet’s health, there’s no time to wait. Yes, most of the issues that can come up do go away on their own without a problem, but there are a few key signs to check for. 

In short, a vet should check out any worrying symptom that lasts for more than a day. If there’s blood in their stools, in their urine, gums, or from a cut, then you should take your pet to the vet. If there seems to be a significant change in their stools, or if they’ve never passed firm stools, take them to the vet. There are many reasons for health concerns, from serious health conditions to food allergies. Going to the vet can help you work through what to do and how to fix the problems at hand.

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