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Sensitive Sunscreen : Choosing The Right One For You

When you’ve got sensitive skin, your life can end up being dominated by it. Every time you go out, you have to think about many things to safeguard your epidermis, with choosing the right sensitive sunscreen ranking highly on your list of important decisions to make.

Sensitive skin conditions come in many forms, with psoriasis, acne and plain old dry skin numbering amongst them. Overwhelmingly, you’ll find that mineral based varieties are better for your skin, due to not having to be absorbed, instead doing its work on the surface.

Mineral Sunscreen Doesn’t Irritate the Skin

Another reason why a mineral-based formula is better for those with sensitive skin issues is that the ingredients tend to be natural and much less likely to cause irritation. It’s the best sensitive sunscreen option for people with oily skin, helping to minimize shine too.

There are also some powdered sunscreen options that suit oily skin – something that can be added over the top to absorb excess sebum.

The Perfect Antidote to Aging Skin

Acting like a barrier made from mirrors, the active elements in mineral sunscreens – typically zinc oxide or titanium oxide – simply reflect the sun’s rays away. This option represents the best choice for most types of skin issue – particularly as non-comedogenic formulas also exist. 

A number of benefits come from wearing this kind of product, the chief one being that it protects you from skin aging. Wrinkles, lines, bags and dark spots can all result from exposure to direct sunlight. Other problems associated with sun damage include:

  • Skin cancer
  • Spider veins
  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Moles

What you shouldn’t do is wait until you start seeing these effects on the skin or only wear it when you’re off down to the beach. Wear it every day as part of your skin care routine and you’ll do much to keep your skin looking young and supple. 

Being Reef-safe Is Also a Factor

Another factor that simply has to be considered when choosing the right sensitive sunscreen and it’s one that again pushes you towards mineral brands. There’s a major environmental crisis happening in our beautiful coral reefs, as they’re being bleached by elements like oxybenzone and octinoxate that are found in chemical products. 

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In addition to this whitening effect, these chemicals can result in baby coral becoming deformed, as their DNA causes them to grow in a completely unnatural way. No surprise then it’s something you should be keeping well away from your skin. 

Animal testing is something else you want to steer clear of too, as there’s no reason in this day and age that this practice needs to continue. 

Mineral Sensitive Sunscreen Is By Far Your Best Option

So, to recap, for anyone with sensitive skin, mineral brands of sunscreen should be the only ones on your shopping list. Those that aren’t risk irritating the skin, as well as causing untold damage to the natural world that should be protected at virtually any cost.

Everything else is just mere details.

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