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Should I hire a FINRA attorney? YES! Here are 4 reasons why

FINRA, The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is an agency that handles licensing and disciplinary actions for financial advisors and stockbrokers across the country.

The strict guidelines and regulations set in place guarantee that brokers will meet the needs of their investors.

Should a broker deal fail to meet the terms of the agreement, investors may choose to file claims for these matters.

Although investors have the option to file claims on their own, their broker’s attorney may intervene, suggesting that investors are not well-versed enough in financial law to handle these matters alone.

By hiring a FINRA attorney, you can rest assured that your fight to recover from stockbroker misconduct is professionally handled.

Whether you are looking for legal representation or just need help with filing a claim, a FINRA attorney can help you.

If you’re seeking compensation for wrongful financial losses, here are 4 reasons why hiring a FINRA attorney will improve your chances of recovery.

Reason #1: You Benefit From FINRA Attorney Experience

The FINRA process for claim submission is indeed designed so that investors can choose to represent themselves.

While this option is available, it is not necessarily the best course of action, given the roadblocks and lack of experience in legal self-representation.

Unless you are a trained attorney, you are unlikely to know about the terms and conditions of FINRA arbitration which can make addressing your disputes more difficult.

Instead of sorting through case matters alone, hire a FINRA attorney to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Reason #2: Courtroom Etiquette Helps Your Case

If you hire a FINRA attorney, you will be represented by someone well-versed in the intricacies associated with hearings and courtroom etiquette.

You will avoid misrepresenting your case by coming across as too passionate or aggressive by having your FINRA attorney create an opening statement that sets your dispute off on the right note.

Reason #3: You Learn Your Case Value

You may think you have an understanding of your case and the damages about it, but you are unlikely to know the specifics of schemes that result in additional losses.

You are likely unaware of the financial value of your case and will need the help of a trained FINRA attorney.

Your attorney will be able to look into the complexities of your case and discover all of the financial harm you deserve recovery for.

With this expertise, you can ensure that any settlements reached will be fair enough to cover these losses.


Reason #4: Professional Advice For Choosing Arbitrators

FINRA attorneys can also provide you with insight into the best ways to go about selecting the arbitrators for your case.

It is important to remember that the actual arbitrators who will be reviewing your case are significantly less invested in the process and, therefore, are less likely to care about the fairness of how your dispute is handled.

Your FINRA attorney can help you address these hurdles by crafting an opening statement that is attention-grabbing and contains enough emotional pull to draw the arbitrator in.

With this help, you gain a greater chance of reclaiming what is yours.

In addition to the four benefits mentioned earlier, here are some additional reasons why you should consider hiring a FINRA attorney to handle your case.

Consultations Are Free

At the very least, you can speak with a FINRA attorney before proceeding to file a claim on your own.

In one conversation, you may learn more about the FINRA arbitration process and discover ways to approach your case that you hadn’t thought of on your own.

These consultations are free and may set you on the right path as you proceed with your claim.

If you choose to move forward and work with a FINRA attorney after these consultations, you are putting yourself in a position to have your needs addressed in the best ways possible.

Knowledge Of Schemes

Fraudulent behavior by brokers and brokerage firms can be addressed on behalf of the client when the legal representative understands the processes by which fraud is more likely to occur.

Your FINRA attorney will have in-depth knowledge about the common approaches of misconduct and will identify these practices by reviewing your case.

As a claimant, you gain the inside scoop on the financial damage that has taken place and learn enough about the misconduct to fight for a fair value when it is time to render awards.

With more evidence to support your claim, you have a greater chance of recovering from your losses and receiving rightful compensation.

Management During The Discovery Process

The discovery process is a period where documents are exchanged between parties for review. Going about this part of the arbitration process alone is challenging, as you are unsure of what to look out for.

By hiring a FINRA attorney, you benefit from utilizing their knowledge to help you review case materials successfully. With careful review, the discovery process can go by faster, and you can get back to living your life.

Indirect Involvement With Your Case

By hiring a FINRA attorney, you no longer need to be the leader of your case. Your attorney will communicate via email and phone for the majority of the case and notify you of conferences scheduled for discussion.

Without needing to be at all sessions for your case, you have more time to focus on the other areas of your life outside of the case.

Hiring an attorney to handle the arbitration process is a smart move. Your attorney will make it easier for you to remain in the background while they address your case.  

Without possessing the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to best address the factors of your case, you are less likely to resolve your disputes in your best interest.

Get An Attorney To Fight For What’s Yours

Hiring a qualified attorney will take the guesswork out of the process for you and increase your chances of winning.

Contact an attorney today and start fighting for what’s yours!

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