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Must-Have Smart Home Devices for New Parents

Table of Contents

  1. Virtual Assistants
  2. Indoor Smart Cameras
  3. Video Doorbells and Smart Locks
  4. Don’t Forget Your Online Safety! 

Every parent wants to make their lives easier by the minute. Make the most out of smart devices and advanced technologies and ensure a comfortable and convenient environment for you and your child. 


Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are slowly becoming essential in our everyday lives. What started as only robotic voice assistants in our phones that did the bare minimum of tasks, such as launch apps, now have developed into full-scale human-like assistants. They can help you handle multiple devices at a time, just by using your voice commands. 

Essentially, voice assistants can help reduce a parent’s stress by letting them do many mundane tasks without having to get up or even use their own hands. 

While you are trying to put your baby to sleep, you can give commands to the voice assistant and have it open the door, turn the light on or off, tell you the time, play a poem or even make a call to your partner. 

If you choose Amazon Alexa, you will be surprised at the level of efficiency that voice assistant has to offer. As a parent, you will need an Assistant like Alexa to make shopping lists, place grocery orders and give you reminders all throughout the day. 

There are several benefits to having an alarm system in your home. The ideal alarm system for your home or office can be found on the internet. Check this website to know more about alarm systems.

It is best to invest in a device that has Alexa built in it. Like this, you will not have to invest in a separate Amazon Alexa hub. The Echo speakers are a good start, as they can be used for both entertainment and for communication purposes. Other devices that have Alexa built in them include:

  • Fire TV Cube, Hands-free streaming device with Alexa
  • Echo (4th Gen) With premium sound, smart home hub
  • All-new Echo Show 8

Indoor Smart Cameras

Indoor smart cameras are a multifunction device that you will be able to use even after your child is grown and does not require monitoring during nighttime or nap time. They are an advanced alternative to typical monitors, where you place the monitor in the baby’s room and keep the audio receiver with you. This is inconvenient and requires more handling from your end. 

Meanwhile, indoor cameras are easy to set up, mobile and also ideal for remotely monitoring your child. You can place an indoor camera in their room when they are sleeping or playing there. Meanwhile, their video will be visible to you on your phone or tablet. The best part is, some of these indoor cameras allow 2-way communication, so you can hear your baby and comfort them with your voice as well. 

Another use of these cameras can be when someone is babysitting your child. For example, you want to see how the new nanny is doing with the baby, and what they are struggling with. Without monitoring them too closely and making the nanny or the sitter awkward, you can still have a good look at their time together. 

These cameras also come with cloud storage as well as the option of adding external storage. You can record videos if you are trying to monitor sleep changes or any other such issues with your baby. Here are some good smart indoor cameras that also work as baby monitors:

  • REOLINK E1 3MP HD Plug-in Indoor WiFi Camera
  • Lollipop Baby Camera with True Crying Detection
  • Nanit Pro Camera

Video Doorbells and Smart Locks

Video doorbells and smart locks are the peak of home security offered by technology. These two devices let you monitor the movement in and out of your home remotely. Video doorbells let you see who is on the door on your phone, so even if you have a crying baby on your lap, you will not have to get up to check the door. Simairlyl, these doorbells have audio capability that lets you talk to the person on the door. You get real-time notifications on your mobile. They are also capable of recording what is happening outside, as some of them have a wide angle lens with 1080 HD resolution. 

Smart locks, on the other hand, can be controlled just by your mobile phone. You can let people in even when you are away from home. Parents of newborns or toddlers tend to have a lot of things to carry in and outside the home. Baby bags, carry cots, car seats and strollers are a few things you will be carrying frequently with you. With your hands full, digging for keys and turning them in and out of the typical locks is super inconvenient. For this reason, smart locks come in handy. 

The Auguest Smart Lock is one of the many advanced smart home devices that let you create virtual keys, create temporary access for people like your babysitters, and set automatic access in and out of the house for the house members. 

Don’t Forget Your Online Safety! 

While you are relying on smart home devices, keep in mind that internet safety is very crucial. You can’t put up so much of your personal data on a virtual network without taking care of security protocols. For this reason, Rise Broadband internet is a good choice for creating a secure home network. Rise Secure is a special service by Rise Broadband that detects and protects your home network from malware, viruses, protects you from unsafe websites and much more.

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