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Six UFC Betting Strategies That Will Help You Win More Often

Do you love seeing fighters compete in the Octagon most weekends and want to win your bets? Well, the UFC is the pinnacle of MMA, with many UFC fight night predictions available to review before you place a wager. 

Each fighter will come with varying odds depending on many factors, including if the fight is a three-round or five-round fight. In this article, we will explain everything you need to consider as you begin betting on UFC. Whether you are new to MMA or an experienced cage-fighting veteran, you will probably need some pointers as you wager. 


Do Research About The Fight

Like other sports, UFC and mixed martial arts have terminologies you must learn to make intelligent and successful bets. You must research the athletes fighting to learn about them. UFC has several levels that you need to understand so that you can make your bets.

Analyzing statistics is critical to helping make successful bets. gives you info on every fighter’s recent performances, including individual fight stats, records, and overall UFC career stats.

Keep Track of Injuries

Any sport is prone to injuries, which is one of the dreadful moments for an athlete. An injury is likely to reduce the player’s ability to perform and win like they used to win before. Therefore, it is crucial to find out information regarding their injuries and how they may affect the fight.

And most fighters are carrying some sort of injury into a fight and hide it from the fight regulator. It’s a matter of finding the information out there in interviews and elsewhere online and reading between the lines to know which fighter might not be close 100%.

You don’t necessarily want to bet on a favorite going into a fight hiding a knee or shoulder issue because they’re likely in for a bad night.

Check the Location and Venue of the Fight

You are probably wondering how the location influences the outcome of the fight. Before you bet, check where the fight is happening. Various factors may influence the fight on that day’s card because of the location.

Altitude is one of the factors you have to consider. Check to know what altitude the fight takes place at and experiences, much like when Fabricio Werdum upset then-UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez by having acclimatized to the elevation of Mexico City and having better cardio.

A fighter’s performance can be affected by the regional climate. It could be too hot or freezing and affect the fighter’s performance by being out of their element.

Keep an Eye on The Underdogs

You’ve probably come across a fighter that everyone despises. Do not solely pick against a fight because you don’t like them. It’s more important to learn more about the fighter’s current form. 

Fighters are always evolving and might have missed a few things in the previous fights, which they will likely train and aim to rectify for their upcoming fight.

Sometimes, punters will always wager on their favorite fighters or against despised favorites and forget that the underdog or the opposition of your favorite fighter may pull a surprise. 

After all, Matt Serra did defeat George St. Pierre as a huge underdog at UFC 67 before being smashed by GSP in the rematch at UFC 83.

Join Forums

You probably have encountered soccer betting forums and how they impact bettors. UFC still has forums where punters share ideas on who to bet on and where not to bet. Forums are good for punters as they assist you in accessing the latest information about the players. 

You may search on Facebook and find some of these groups. Others are on Twitter, while some are on Telegram. Check to certify that all the selected groups offer the correct information.

Have a Budget and Stick to It

One of the key things you’d want to consider is the amount of money you are investing in your UFC bets. 

Understand that betting is volatile and can lead you to lose money. You need a budget set aside and stick to it strictly. This will enable you to win or lose and remain happy regardless of the fight’s outcome.


UFC is popular and comes with excellent opportunities to place wagers and win. You must do the research, join forums, maintain your budget, and understand the climatic conditions before you bet on any UFC fight if you want to be successful.

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