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What Movies to Binge-Watch This Christmas?



A pair of siblings use their cunning brains to hatch a quirky scheme to find and hold Santa Claus captive. Teddy Pierce and Kate, the two masterminds behind the plans, join Saint Nick’s team when their best-laid plans go awry and give us a brilliant show of their Christmas Jackets. Along with loyal elves and the kids, they all try to salvage the holiday and its fun activities. The movie is perfect for a family looking to cheer up the little ones in these rough times!  


Do you still need a reason to watch the Home Alone series? Adults and kids are all pretty crazy and obsessed with this fun and classic film series. Highly relatable for those living in full households, this movie is a complete treat for the weekends following Christmas Eve. 

In the snowy surroundings of Christmas, this movie feels exceptionally brilliant and spot on. Mothers worldwide can relate to the hustles shown in the film, while men and children enjoy the cunning activities of the main cast. 


Set in atypical surroundings, this movie gives you a glimpse of Zambia, and it’s different than the usual landscape. A heartfelt and wholesome tale of a family includes love, loss, and passion for animals, especially elephants. The magic of this movie lies in the touching storyline and the cunning performance of the cast. 


When Vanessa Hodgens stars in a Christmas romance film, magic is bound to happen. She is not the princes you are hoping for this time. She is smitten by an English Knight from the medieval era who has lost his heart in this era. Josh Whitehouse never forgets his arrival in the present day and his beautiful lady, who appeared magically in his life! 


Animated films are a must this season! Before Santa became the jolly and loving older man in the Santa Claus red coat, he had his origin story. This movie will give you a glimpse of his other or before-life. Stick to the plot, and you will be surprised at the things you never knew about the man who changed your childhood. A toymaker initially, he always had a piece of his heart belonging to kids. 


Anna Kendrick displays her magic when she portrays the role of Santa Claus’ daughter in Noelle. She brings life to wherever she goes, becoming the epitome of cheerfulness and joy. What happens when Santa’s son, who is supposed to take over the business, gets cold feet and never returns from a break?


What happens when a super famous DJ ends up losing his job? The DJ and his four spoilt kids will eventually move in with their lovely aunt, but is there a backup plan? As they fight the perils of a spoilt lifestyle, they all learn a lesson or two about their ways. This is a perfect watch with the kids who have sworn to never listen to you on time!


A mystery pet – Mogwai, has three rules for his brought up. The young man who received mogwai as a gift ends up feeding the mystery plant and dealing with evil Gremlins. You can throw a tantrum at the end of the movie if you aren’t paranoid that there is a gremlin at your place too by then! 


Go figure – an action movie on this list? Die Hard is way more than your typical action-adventure film. The movie begins on December 24 and has the Winter Wonderland soundtrack; what other evidence do you need? Add the movie to your binge-watch list and cheer up for the best week of the year!


A must watch? Absolutely! From giving numerous Christmas Costumes Jackets ideas to being the only classic tale that one can never turn from, this impressive film from Christmas land has won millions of hearts. Follow the yuletide tradition by watching this extraordinary tale with your closed ones (even if there are no kids in the family, lighten up the mood with this gem!).


A perfect Christmas twist, Vanessa Hudgens as a princess, discovers there is a doppelganger too! A baker in Chicago finds out she looks like a princess, and from there onwards, fun, excitements, and unlimited joy happens in the life of both the (or one?) women. As if one Vanessa Hudgens did not have our heart, two have gotten us smitten completely! 

ELF A movie about a human raised by elves, numerous scenes give you a thorough account of life at the North Pole. Is life outside Santa’s workshop worth all the mean encounters, ruthless and brutal meetings, and so much heartache? Find as he searches for his true identity and explores through the world with a different lens.

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