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10 ways to watch your favorite TV shows

I adore television, and I am not afraid to admit it. And there’s one thing I know for sure: I am not the only one! As much as I enjoy delving into the depths of freshly brewed entertainment, the family budget does not appear to be delighted with a monthly cable or satellite cost of over $100. 

We have experimented with streaming services and depended on social media to keep up with our favorite TV series while saving money. Subscribing to many streaming services, on the other hand, might be as expensive as a large cable bill for sports as well as news fans. 

In that scenario, the last resort is to skim over your local cable tv provider’s most suitable bundles. Check out Optimum TV packages for some of the best TV deals. On the other hand, here is what I found for a TV enthusiast like myself who is solely looking for their favorite TV series online and nothing else.

There is a variety of ways to watch your favorite TV episodes online, but we have outlined ten options that should suffice.


1. Hulu Plus

Hulu is quite an old and popular service, and while not everyone thinks highly of it, it is a good method to watch many recent TV series with minimal effort. Do you want to see the most recent episodes of the animated sitcoms? In case you already have your hands on the Hulu Plus subscription, you can watch the most recent episode while Hulu switches to the next one in the queue. 

This gives you a “genuine” television viewing experience (in case that is what you are looking for), and it eliminates the effort of manually switching between shows. 

Many TV shows include this feature, while movies and documentaries flesh out the package. The only drawbacks are the advertisements, which some people despise because they come on top of a monthly subscription fee.

2. Netflix

Netflix, on the other hand, is not free, but it is extremely cheap, and it gives you access to an almost endless library of entertainment. Whether it’s movies, top TV shows, documentaries, or reality shows, there’s something for everyone. Netflix has everything.

To handle all of the HD streaming you will be doing after that, all you will need is a consistent internet connection with a speed of 8-25 Mbps. One thing I did not like about Netflix is that you could not buy a movie on-demand; you can only watch the stuff that is available for free. If anything isn’t available in the system, you can order a DVD and have it delivered to your home. 

3. Apple TV

If you purchase an Apple TV, a digital multimedia receiver, it will come pre-configured to automatically rent television programmes from the company’s iTunes store or Netflix. Reviewers have praised all the minimalist design, simple setup, and video quality. 

They do, however, consider the programmes to be limited. Furthermore, some analysts consider the tablet to be a niche item for Apple fans.

4. Free TV

You may, of course, watch TV for free online! If you are in search of an old episode or even a day-old episode, you will probably be able to discover it simply by typing the show’s name into a search engine. Streaming platforms such as Hulu, Bing, and YouTube have large libraries of TV series. 

In most cases, YouTube provides show clips as well as links to the entire episodes on network Web sites. With a brief commercial introduction, Bing connects to Hulu episodes. Surprisingly, Bing allows you to view first-run episodes of shows by simply watching an ad at the opening of the show for a few seconds.

5. Watchworthy

Watchworthy takes a different approach, but it still gets the job done by assisting you in determining which TV shows or movies are available to stream on whatever platform. You begin by connecting any services you use, followed by any TV programmes you enjoy. The app’s front screen highlights popular series or those that have recently debuted. Then comes the Worthy section, which notes down your suggestions as well as likes and creates a list of shows they think are worth your time based on your preferences.

6. Streaming Devices

For watching streamed streaming videos, streaming gadgets are a terrific one-time investment. You connect these devices to your television, then sit back, relax while they do the talking, and find your favorite shows. You do not need these gadgets if your TV is smart and already has some or all of the streaming apps installed. 

If your TV is not smart, a streaming device will suffice. Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, as well as Apple TV are among the most popular. For a small investment, they offer up a completely new world of streamable entertainment.

7. Network Sites

Of course, going straight to the source can sometimes be the quickest way to look for the series you desire. One day after a show airs; the Fox network makes full episodes online. You may also watch free episodes of major shows like “House,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Modern Family” on their respective networks’ websites. 

However, they are not yet available to watch live. In addition, according to the ABC Web site, certain series are only available online for four weeks after they air on television, which is ideal if you have fallen behind on your favorite show but not if you have missed the entire season.

8. Through your Service Provider

Your service provider may offer a function that enables you to enjoy live TV online from a mobile device if you want to watch your favorite shows on the Internet while keeping your standard cable subscription for when you are at home. 

Comcast is one of these companies, with ‘Xfinity TV Go’ and accompanying apps available for viewing on a tablet or PC. Though it is not a widely available option yet, Comcast is not the only firm that offers it, and you should tally with your service provider to make sure if they have something similar.

9. Season Ppasses

Another way to view your favorite TV episodes is to purchase a “Season Pass,” which can be found on sites like Amazon and iTunes. Consider a season pass to be a method to pre-order all of a series’ episodes before they are released, with each one arriving at your digital doorstep once it airs.

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The advantage of buying a season pass over watching it on Hulu or another streaming service is that you do not have to deal with advertising, and you can usually watch it sooner than you would on a website. Similarly, purchasing a season pass is typically less expensive than purchasing each episode separately.

10. Channel Apps

ABC and CBS, for example, provide free applications that offer live streaming. While trying to keep up with the normal hustle of some after-work activity, we all find ourselves missing our favorite TV shows. 

These apps allow us to sit back and watch our favorite TV show whenever we want, at our own leisure, and for free. All you need is a phone, tablet, or laptop with a stable internet connection to watch the show on the app within an hour of it playing on broadcast television.

Final words

Whatever option you choose, there will be some sacrifices; on the plus side, you will save a lot of money on your cable subscription and will be able to binge-watch your favorite TV shows anytime you want.

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