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List Of The Best Films of 2020!

It is never too late to stock up on popcorn and make a list of this year’s classics — the fun should never stop. 2020 is about to end, and there is no time better than today to binge-watch all the hits in one night. So, take out a comfy blanket from the closet, a DVD player, your favorite. 

Movie Jacket, and stream the movies present in this list. We guarantee you — they are all masterpieces! 

Dick Johnson is dead:

The movie revolves around a filmmaker, Kirsten Johnson, and the death of her father, Dick. The elderly man was a career psychologist whose condition worsened in 2017 with a mental decline. It is the same condition that took his wife, who was an Alzheimer’s patient too.

Kirsten is motivated to document the journey of her father towards death in several unique and comical ways. She starts to create many scenarios and circumstances regarding Dick’s death. A few of those include the death of Dick from an air-conditioner falling onto his head and smashing it as a result and getting murdered by a worker from the construction site. Not just that, she also shows the world of heaven where his father is living happily with his wife and offspring’s.

The movie depicts so beautifully that it’s not just the dying person who suffers but his loved ones as well. Dick Johnson is a person who faces the inevitable with bravery and devotion. Dick Johnson is Dead is the perfect emotional ride that has been able to keep most of the audience engaged. There are different types of combinations for Eso sip of stamina in which water is mandatory, columbine, Dragón thorn columbine, blessed thistle dragon thorn mountain flower blessed thistle. A person should know that Sip of stamina is one item for several items necessary for early Alchemy crafting wrist.

I’m thinking of Ending Things:

The best thriller/horror Film of 2020 is, so far, this one! It revolves around a woman who is filled with many apprehensions and doubts. Jessi Buckley, aka Lucy, goes to an isolated farm belonging to the parents of her boyfriend, Jesse Plemons, aka Jake, and that’s where things start to unfold. Charlie Kaufman is the one behind this adaptation of the novel written by Iain Reid in 2016.

The movie has little hints of comedy, making it the perfect package of an exciting plot, intricate scripts, and narration. The journey of the two young lovers from the farm to a snowy night outside where they meet girls running an ice cream shop. Then they move further to visit the former high school Jake and encounter a weird janitor. 

Charlie has drawn a really thin line between reality and fantasy, and that’s the main point that has kept the audience glued to their screens. From the execution of horrors to the well-put thrill, every single aspect of this movie makes it a masterpiece.

The Painted Bird:

The black and white portrayal of a young Jewish boy faces the aftermath of the horrific Holocaust during WWII. It’s a three-hour depiction of Eastern Europe where the boy meets several people as a refugee. The movie is based on the novel written by Jerzy Kosiński in 1965 of the same name. He faces wicked taunts and insults from the villagers during his stay there. 

The atrocities include a medical woman burying him underground and letting his face above the ground for crows to peck on him. Then comes a man with pedophilic desires, a vicious old man, and a girl with cruel inclinations. The boy was all-alone fighting against the wind bunch.

His life becomes better when he meets a polite priest, a soldier belonging to the Nazi party, and a trained sniper from Russia who trains him about the justice rule, ‘eye for an eye.’ The Painted Bird is not for the people with weak hearts because the pain, oppression, cruelty, and injustice portrayed in the movie is very dark. This is one of those movies which are difficult to forget.

The Assistant:

The Film that gave the #MeToo movement a new voice, The Assistant, is the masterpiece produced by Kitty Green. It has portrayed the day-to-day harassment, abuse, and inequality that a common girl faces in the workplace. The movie protagonist is Jane, who is designated in a rather lower position in a film production company. She faces mistreatment of all sorts, from glances by her boss and female co-workers to men exploiting her. 

Her struggles don’t stop here. Every day a new thing was ready to welcome her, all based on the element of sexism one way or another. The Assistant is depicting the society that we are living in and the injustice caused by gender inequality.

Another Round:

Another Round is the drama/comedy movie created by Thomas Vinterberg that will surely leave everyone with fits of laughter. The film revolves around four teachers from Copenhagen who try to revitalize their boring life by testing a theory put forward by a psychiatrist known as Finn Skarderud. The theory was that the alcohol level present in human blood is 0.5%. 

The movie is about some men looking for a wind of fresh air between their careers, numbness, regrets, and all the doubts. Another Round shows a risky take by some teachers who try to keep up with a proper alcohol level for their workdays. The initial results came out positive, but as the days passed and the bar raised high, it became crystal clear that these risks can make you suffer some serious consequences.


The twisted sci-fi movie with many horror and thriller scenes, Possessor, is the creation of David Cronenberg. The film revolves around an assassin Tasya Vos who hangs herself in a hook-like face-hugger machine and then enters into the mind of others. She then controls that person like a puppet. The Film portrays the dark side of advanced technology by creating a symbiotic connection between the machine and a person. 

There are so many aspects to the movie which are worth-watching. The Possessor is all about the invasion of privacy, irregularity, penetration that an advanced technology creation brings with it. The performances given by the actors are commendable and have left undying effects on the minds and hearts of all the audience. Not just that, the costumes were all very stunning. 

So, is it time to get some new Movie Jackets? Well, choose the movie whose plot impressed you the most and enjoy some underrated gems of Hollywood. You can Find more on Minibighype.

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