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Christmas Movie Marathon: 7 Holiday Movies to Watch!

Christmas is here to spread the magic into our lives — even though this Christmas is going to be stay-at-home, magic has been started to appear in the air since the 1st of December. So this year, also tug out your blankets with — Santa Jackets because you are going to spend your holidays snuggling into your blankets, watching Christmas movies. Here are some Christmas movies that you should watch this Christmas. You can checkout that how many December Global Holidays are?

ELF, (2003)!

Elf is the most underrated Christmas movie, this movie hit our screens in 2003, and even after a decade has passed, this tale of a human raised by Santa’s co-workers is still a holiday classic. The story follows a man named Buddy, played by Will Ferell, who was accidentally deported to the North Pole when he was just a toddler, and he was looked after by the elves. Even after thinking of himself as an elf, Buddy couldn’t succeed in shaking the feeling that he is not a part of the Christmas crew. So after growing up as a full adult, Buddy decided to move back to New York, his original city, to find his real father. He happened to be Walter Hobbs, played by James Caan, a busy businessman. He asked Buddy to take a DNA test to prove that he is not lying. After being proven as his son, Buddy has to face many challenges where everything is the opposite.


The Christmas Prince is one of Netflix’s first takes on the holiday genre, and on watching the trailer, it would seem like a picture full of Christmas garbage. Though you have to spend some time watching this movie, you’ll only love this movie by understanding every twist and knot of its plot. After resolving all the plots, you’ll realize that A Christmas Prince is an impeccable Christmas movie. There is no specific plot or a story related to this movie. However, you keep following this full-spirited Christmas movie, going with the story of a playboy, and the careless prince of a fake country played by Ben Lamb and a journalist portrayed by Rose McIver.


White Reindeer is a movie that starts with a sad, tragic opening, where a woman name Sunzzane played by Anna Margaret Hollyman, got widowed right before Christmas. Her life became a mess after the death of her husband, Jess. This dark-comedy movie is just sad at the beginning; later, it turned out that her husband was involved in an illegal romantic relationship with a stripper. This movie turns out as the sex-comedy as Suzanne ended up finding a good friend in that stripper. So if you love to watch dark adult comedies, this movie is for you, my friend.You Can Find more about it On MiniBigHype.

THE GRINCH (2018)!

You can’t make a list of holiday movies without adding this animated version of a holiday story from our childhood — The Grinch. We all know the Grinch, and therefore the plot is very much known, that the grumpy Christmas stealer, The Grinch, stoles away Christmas. The best thing about this movie is that the grumpy Grinch is a voiceover by Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict’s voice was the main essence of Christmas.


Jennifer Aniston and T.J Miller, two megastars of the company, played the role of siblings with totally discerning perspectives of running their inherited company. T. J. Miller is playing the role of a careless business owner who made his branch one of the hard-partying branch. Jennifer tries to stop his brother from throwing a big party, while T.J. Miller has to throw the best Christmas party to impress one of his potential customers.


Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, is something we all need to watch in these challenging times. Though this movie is decades old, it still has its charm retained. This movie is about how Santa’s favorite red-nosed deer saved Christmas from the witch, who wanted to ruin this. If you want to spend your Christmas watching cute movies, then this movie is a must-watch. Go for it!


This hyper-realistic Christmas movie has a special place in a fan’s heart. Though, if you have watched the behind-the-scenes tactics, then an image of Tom Hanks covered in hundred dolls is just too much to take. Even if you try so hard, you can’t unseen that image; if you haven’t watched it yet, DON’T! It’ll ruin your Christmas spirit. However, this movie itself is full of Christmas magic for you to see and witness by yourself. This movie plotted on the dream of many kids. A dream that follows a trip to Santa’s residency, wearing Santa Jackets, and the super realistic animation would make you feel like you are also a part of The Polar Express.

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