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Cyberpunk 2077 — The Good And The Bad Side Of Video Game!

After the mega-release of its trailer Cyberpunk 2077 has become the urge of every gamer around the world. The gameplay, tactics, and graphics all seemed so on point during the trailer. The main element which mesmerized every eye was the Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket, a jacket with so many super qualities. Unlike every other gaming setting, Cyberpunk 2077 offered a great jacket to its fans. This jacket became popular even before the release of the game. The 3-D collar with bomber leather style and a 3-D print of a wolf at its back completed this jacket to be one of the most desirable products for Halloween and Cosplays.

This game featured Keanu Reeves, the superstar, which made this game even more interesting. His character is serving as the inner voice of V, and that’s a treat to watch. Though just like every other thing, unbelievably, this game has a bad side too, which has disappointed many fans around the world. Here is our take on creating a good and bad side for this game to give you an idea; whether you will love this game or not. You Can Find More About Cyberpunk 2077 On MiniBigHype.


Well, this game has most of the things on the right side. Even Night City will sweep you off your feet at first glance. Not just non-player characters are forming the crowd, but you will find so many models from different characters in the crowd. Seriously in the past, in how many games have you experienced open-world cities? And out of those cities, how many offered you extra people modeled in them? None right? So the foremost best thing about Cyberpunk is the open city area with the sheer amount of people.

Another best thing about this game is that the player can customize their characters. The most powerful plus point for this game. Seriously isn’t it something we all have wanted? Getting a fixed character might be fun, but it is not more fun than having the power to design your character. You can now fully customize your protagonist and then play with it. Playing with your creation is greater than playing the fixed character; you’ll know it once you have started playing this game.

This feature is more classified by giving you the chance to pick the gender of your character. You can pick now whether you want to play as a woman or a man, and people of all ages loved this feature. No matter the gender you are going with, it is going to look greater than ever! People usually prefer to play as a female character because she is sharp and has a sexy voiceover; we aren’t kiddin’. These things matter a lot in games. All the sexism and patriarchic rules are non-existent in the gamers’ world.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a 48-minute reveal to make you salivate over the fantastic world filled with charismatic systemization and characters. The skill to upgrade yourself with the help of cybernetic will help you in opening up the new abilities of your character and variety in gameplay. The gritty and vibrant metropolis of Night City with details and absolute scope will make you cry tears of happiness.

The last best thing about this gameplay is vehicles; yes, the control of cars, bikes (with dope bikers over them), and much more advanced technological vehicles put this among other best things about Cyberpunk 2077. So, these are the things which you won’t find in any other game, at least till now, as you never know about the future. So, if you are someone that loves to play such games that give you full freedom about the gameplay, then this game is for you.


This game has become first-person for some time; what a buzzkill, right? Ooh, no matter how much we hate this, this is the foremost thing that we all have hated about Cyberpunk 2077. Have a look at fem-V! The awesome female character, with sheer hotness and badassness. She got a good hairstyle with a cool Cyberpunk 2077 Jacketyet we will only witness this all in cut-scenes. Isn’t that the immersion killer? First to play in the first person, and secondly, look at your avatar through cut-scenes! Is there anything sadder than this? Playing as the third person was a major buzzkill for many of us, but the glance of Avatar through cut-scenes has turned it into something more deadly.

The only time when choosing the first person over the third person seems logical is when you are really into creating a shooting game. Undoubtedly, first-person shooter games are more rewarding than third-person ones. Of course, the third person techniques are more loveable, but you can find many stories and strategies better than this game. Like, Call of Duty, a free multiplayer shooting game. Cyberpunk 2077 is not a shooting-game; it was never a shooting game. The main problem is that shooting enemies doesn’t seem real in this gameplay! It looks like you are firing bullets in a sponge.

Another immersion killer (using the word immersion because buzz has been overused) was the delay of this game. The management has failed everyone with certain delays; it didn’t matter whether the game turned out to be good or bad! Even after the first glimpse of a trailer, people have started waiting eagerly for this game. Despite knowing the conditions of players, and gamers, Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed so many times.

There are many other small things that have turned this game into a huge failure, like, instead of playing action-roles and combats, this game focused more on the shooting strategies. Duh! There are several games that focus on playing shooting games. We have paid for this game specifically because the action and fantasizing combats are what we all needed! Now the only good thing about this game is the Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket. So don’t mind the buzz killer on your way, and grab this jacket for cosplays and Halloweens.

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